After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis


by 林盎司 (Lín Àng Sī)

80 chapters + 4 extras (complete)

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If life were likened to god rolling the dice*, then Lù YúnFēi is a 6. He’s handsome and smart, save for his abysmal proficiency in English. That is, until he met Biān JìnYuán — Bian JinYuan is tall and cool, top of his grade in every exam, and his English results definitely destroy Lu YunFei’s twice over. If he’s a 6, then this guy is simply 666+!

Since YunFei is already here, why would there be a need for JinYuan?# It’s hard for a mountain to accommodate two tigers, unless one is a male while the other is female. Lu YunFei looked at the other party’s gender, and silently crossed that thought out.

However, not long after he started to treat Bian JinYuan as a rival, he found that after 9pm, he would mysteriously possess Bian JinYuan’s Tmall Genie.

After possessing the Tmall Genie, Lu YunFei realised that his rival is actually a pauper prince. Lu YunFei who possessed looks, height, and wealth looked at his cards which were almost overflowing with money, and decided to establish his friendship relations. Therefore, since Bian JinYuan lacked money, Lu YunFei hired him to be his English tutor.

Bian JinYuan bought a cake and couldn’t bear to eat it so that he could bring it home for his family. Lu YunFei bought him a large slice of cake the next day.

Having done good deeds everyday, Lu YunFei felt that the invisible red scarf on his chest had gotten brighter.

Until there was a hot post on the school forum: 《Exposé on Lu YunFei – getting the top student to be your lackey, do you really think that it’s all that to have money! 》

The original poster listed down various instances: bag-carrying, bringing water, peeling chestnuts; the school genius was ordered about as if he were a servant. Everyone was enjoying the gossip, when Bian JinYuan who had never posted in the forum before, posted for the first time with his real name.

Bian JinYuan: I don’t need the money, I’m willing, why do you care?

Everyone was scared dumb.

Lu YunFei worried about whether he should bother Bian JinYuan less.

“That’s not necessary, I like being bothered by you.”

“Forget it,” Lu YunFei rejected.

Bian JinYuan thought for a bit: “Then let me rephrase — that’s not necessary, I like you.”

Lu YunFei: ???!!!

Lu YunFei never expected that the mountain is wide and holds many types of tigers. Together, two male tigers can not only run fast, but also fall in love!

Quack Notes

* I think this is a reference to Einstein’s opinion on quantum mechanics, where he penned the famous phrase, “God does not play dice with the universe”. The author reverses this quote to mean that god does play dice with the universe, and that our main character got lucky with a high roll.

+ 666 (liù liù liù): The number 6, 六 (liù), sounds similar to 溜 (liū), which means smooth-going. 666 is slang used to describe someone or something as excellent.

# The author adapted this phrase from famous last words of a character in the classic, Romance of the Three KingdomsZhōu Yú and Zhūgé Liàng were military strategists from opposing factions. Zhou Yu was a great strategist, but Zhuge Liang was an even more brilliant strategist who defeated Zhou Yu at every turn. Zhou Yu’s last words were to lament, 既生瑜,何生亮 – Since the heavens had deigned to birth Yu, then why did they feel the need to also birth Liang in the same period?

Here, the author replaced our characters’ names – YunFei takes Zhou Yu’s place, while JinYuan is in the position of genius Zhuge Liang.


[Chapter 001] It all started when the hero saved the beauty
[Chapter 002] “I’ll change your desk mate, how about Bian JinYuan?”
[Chapter 003] I turned into a Tmall Genie?!
[Chapter 004] Lu YunFei: I think my desk mate wants me to die!
[Chapter 005] Spelling what?? What vocabulary?
[Chapter 006] The second uncle with no good intentions
[Chapter 007] Bian JinYuan loathes second uncle
[Chapter 008] Sexy Tmall, online seduction
[Chapter 009] Don’t treat this small device like it’s not part of the family!
[Chapter 010] Gathering people for betting, reported for gambling!
[Chapter 011] It’s spelling, be serious about it.
[Chapter 012] “I’m treating you to a drink.”
[Chapter 013] Hottest thread in school & a slice of cake
[Chapter 014] “Did you want me to feed you?”
[Chapter 015] “This is my second time helping you.”
[Chapter 016] Bian JinYuan said gently: “Behave.”
[Chapter 017] “Teacher Bian, let’s add each other on WeChat.”
[Chapter 018] Bian JinYuan’s past
[Chapter 019] Spanking an unruly child
[Chapter 020] Bian JinYuan loathes aunt Jiang Fang
[Chapter 021] “Tmall Genie, let me hear you call me master.”
[Chapter 022] Bian JinYuan, “Let’s eat together.”
[Chapter 023] Lu YunFei wailed out, “Too ashamed to meet others!”
[Chapter 024] If the top student can be counted on, then sows can climb trees
[Chapter 025] Lu YunFei: Mummy will sing you a lullaby~
[Chapter 026] Bian JinYuan: Come find me
[Chapter 027] Lu YunFei: Be my English tutor~
[Chapter 028] A small peach blossom
[Chapter 029] A voice came from afar saying “so fragrant”
[Chapter 030] Lu YunFei: “You’re too cruel!”
[Chapter 031] Li YuanQing: It’s clearly a three-person movie yet I’m a nameless character
[Chapter 032] Bian JinYuan: You’re handsome
[Chapter 033] Why are you wearing PinRu’s clothes
[Chapter 034] Lu YunFei was the first, and the only one
[Chapter 035] The reason he cared, was only because it was Lu YunFei
[Chapter 036] I’d like to request for a rematch
[Chapter 037] I’ll carry you
[Chapter 038] Basketball match
[Chapter 039] Bian JinYuan: I’ll send him
[Chapter 040] Vehicle versus vehicle, Bian JinYuan’s win
[Chapter 041] “Call me gege, and I’ll tell you something.”
[Chapter 042] “I believe in you.”
[Chapter 043] Monthly exam
[Chapter 044] Leaned against him while sleeping & the appointing of teacher Bian
[Chapter 045] “You could carry me.”
[Chapter 046] Bian JinYuan chose to hide him away.
[Chapter 047] Lu YunFei hugged Bian JinYuan tightly
[Chapter 048] I want teacher Zhang YanRong to apologise to me
[Chapter 049] Bian JinYuan reached out to hold his hand
[Chapter 050]  Teacher Zhang, apologise to Lu YunFei 
[Chapter 051] Bian JinYuan smiled and winked at him
[Chapter 052] Alluring teacher Bian, a small class
[Chapter 053]  “Teacher Bian, are you willing to stand on a larger stage?”
[Chapter 054] Bian JinYuan: “Not impossible.”
[Chapter 055] Record scores from class one and furious parents
[Chapter 056] It’s getting cold, let Zhang YanRong retire & Fei Fei’s birthday
[Chapter 057] Bian JinYuan reached out to pull him into his embrace
[Chapter 058] “Teacher Bian, why don’t you let me stay over tonight?”
[Chapter 059] Didn’t you want to stay over? I can take you in
[Chapter 060] “Then, you can afford to be more spoiled.”
[Chapter 061] He simply wanted to hug him at this moment
[Chapter 062] He finally understood, it was romantic love
[Chapter 063] Lu YunFei: I haven’t even flaunted yet, wait for your turn
[Chapter 064] “What a coincidence, I also won’t let you feel wronged.”
[Chapter 065] That’s not necessary, I like you.
[Chapter 066] A wooden sculpture for Children’s Day
[Chapter 067] A new friend
[Chapter 068] If I don’t like him, you won’t be his friend anymore?
[Chapter 069] Dai HanSen picking a fight & father Bian’s entrance
[Chapter 070] The first conversation between father and son
[Chapter 071] Bian Ting’s letter & father PK small aunt
[Chapter 072] “Bian Bian you’re really very gentle.”
[Chapter 073] His feelings were his to convey, and not for someone else to say!
[Chapter 074] “I like you,” Bian JinYuan said.
[Chapter 075] He said, “I’ll sing you a song.”
[Chapter 076] “I think, we can give it a try.”
[Chapter 077] Kissed him on the corner of his mouth
[Chapter 078] “I like only you, I really like you.”
[Chapter 079] “Since you’ve taken my salary card, you’re mine for the rest of your life.”
[Chapter 080] Final Chapter
[Extra 001] A pair of rings
[Extra 002] Cohabitation
[Extra 003] Coming Out (First Half)
[Extra 004] Coming Out (Second Half) & the Secret of the Tmall Genie

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