After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 065

[Chapter 065] That’s not necessary, I like you.

    After Du Xin caused this drama, the other students in class one no longer harboured the same warmth towards her as before. Apart from those who were close to her, the majority of girls felt that she had a lot of tricks up her sleeve and started to distance themselves from her.

    Du Xin felt upset at the distancing and how the teachers and classmates in class one would only discuss academic matters with her. She started to scorn them.

    “I don’t want to deal with these bunch of peasants anyway,” she scoffed inwardly.

    It was just that she couldn’t swallow this treatment, and didn’t like Lu YunFei anyway, and so she tried to find ways to take revenge.

    On that day, as Du Xin fetched some water, she saw Lu YunFei undertake a spelling test while Bian JinYuan read out the Chinese meanings as he peeled chestnuts. He didn’t eat what he had peeled, and instead fed them to Lu YunFei.

    Lu YunFei was busy with spelling and said as he chewed on the chestnut, “Just place them to the side, I’ll eat them after I’m done with the spelling.”

    Bian JinYuan heard this and placed them on a piece of paper at the side as he continued to test him on spelling.

    Du Xin watched this and instantly boiled over. This was what Bian JinYuan referred to as not having time? He had the time to peel chestnuts for Lu YunFei, yet he didn’t have the time to go over a single question for her?! Lu YunFei too, didn’t he have hands? And he needed someone to help him peel them! Bian JinYuan had looked so superior when he rejected her, so why did he become so fawning when it came to Lu YunFei at this moment? Was he Lu YunFei’s slave serving his master?

    Du Xin was so angry that she let out a laugh. She thought of something, and then snapped a photo. She looked at the photo on her phone with immense satisfaction, and took one more look at Lu YunFei before returning to her seat.

    Du Xin searched for past discussion threads about Bian JinYuan and Lu YunFei in the forum and saved a few photos. She then found the right time to post a new photo album. She organised the photos and then created a new folder.

    Before noon the next day, a new discussion thread popped up in the forum: 《Exposé on Lu YunFei – getting the top student to be your lackey, do you really think that it’s all that to have some money!》

    Original poster: We know that Lu YunFei has money. We also know that Bian JinYuan doesn’t. Everyone is a classmate, but Lu YunFei is going overboard. [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]

    Four photos depicted Bian JinYuan helping Lu YunFei to carry his bag, Bian JinYuan helping Lu YunFei to get water, Bian JinYuan getting into Lu YunFei’s family’s car, as well as Bian JinYuan giving him a spelling test while helping Lu YunFei peel chestnuts.

    Mechanical keyboard: Lu YunFei is living the life. Young masters are just different, they even have people serving them at school.

    You and me under the lemon tree: So lemony, Bian JinYuan is just short of helping Lu YunFei go to the toilet. I wish I could live this capitalistic life.

    Not eating grapes: Why is Bian JinYuan going to such lengths, is it because of money? Lu YunFei has no qualms in getting a classmate to be at his beck and call. Shouldn’t he find this inappropriate?

    A stormy spring breeze: Of course not. Would he be doing this if he did?

    Shan Shan is adored: Isn’t original poster’s photos too biased? Why are these only about Bian JinYuan helping Lu YunFei and not vice versa? Lu YunFei has obviously helped Bian JinYuan with things too.

    Knight: Is that so? Lu YunFei will help Bian JinYuan too?

    Faintly shadowed slope: Poor Bian JinYuan, he’s got to study while serving a young master at the same time.

    What to eat today: Is there something wrong with this thread? You can’t force a cow to drink water. Bian JinYuan is obviously doing these because he’s getting paid by Lu YunFei. This is a matter of one party spending money to buy a service, while the other party is happy to provide the service. What does this have to do with you, you can also do this if you have money.

    Sun: So money can do anything huh?

    All things in their being: Otherwise? You can spout idealistic nonsense if you have the money.

    Heh heh: Then Lu YunFei is quite impressive by getting the top student in the grade to be his servant, this is so compelling.

    A single branch: Here’s a conspiracy theory. Before we streamed into our classes, Lu YunFei was ranked first in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Now that he’s collided with Bian JinYuan, he’s now been ranked second in those subjects. Lu YunFei couldn’t stand this sudden drop in rank thanks to being oppressed, and so…

    Faintly shadowed slope: Fuck, then isn’t Bian JinYuan too pitiful, he’s an innocent victim.

    Not eating grapes: Lu YunFei wouldn’t do this would he? This would be too shameless. He could work hard to score better than Bian JinYuan if he has the ability, why would he use a tactic like this.

    Drone versus robot: This is too terrifying to think about.


    By the time Li YuanQing noticed this thread and sent it to Lu YunFei, the thread had already amassed over five hundred posts. The Lu YunFei in this thread had become someone who hated to lose and would use his wealth to oppress anyone who caused him the slightest bit of unhappiness. Some people tried to speak up for Lu YunFei, but they weren’t able to come up against the majority of those who had already begun to wildly postulate according to the conspiracy theory, to the point where they were just shy of creating an entire drama out of it.

    Lu YunFei read on speechlessly. He just knew that this group of people were too bored and needed more homework to do. If they had the time to theorise about conspiracies, then how about memorising 《Ten Crimes of Qin》?!

    Lu YunFei pressed on the button to report the thread.

    However ten minutes had passed, yet the thread had not been deleted. In fact, it had gotten more popular.

    Lu YunFei: …

    Moderator you’ve received the notification! Why aren’t you deleting it!

    Bian JinYuan noticed that Lu YunFei seemed to be focused on something and moved closer to take a look, which was how he noticed the contents of the discussion thread.

    “This is… the school forum?”

    “Yup,” Lu YunFei put his phone away, “What classes are those students from? They have nothing to do and would rather spend their time on someone else instead of using their time to study. Grandpa Yuán Lóng Píng is to blame for feeding them to excess.”

    “What’s wrong? What did they say?”

    “Nothing important,” this wasn’t a big issue, and so Lu YunFei didn’t feel that it was necessary to let Bian JinYuan know about it. It was just that while the people in the thread were silly, after thinking about it, he realised that he seemed to have imposed upon Bian JinYuan recently.

    Lu YunFei recalled his memories and realised that the root of these instances was when he had injured his foot. Then, Bian JinYuan had taken on a lot of things such as carrying his bag or fetching water as he had seen how troubled he was with a crutch. After his foot had healed, Bian JinYuan had continued to carry his bag and fetch water. Thinking about it, he really had been troubling Bian JinYuan. He had to be mindful next time.

    Bian JinYuan saw him furrow his brows in deep thought. After some thought, he opened the school forum and noticed the trending discussion thread. Bian JinYuan entered the thread and examined it.

    Everyone was still avidly discussing this, continuing their conspiracy theory. Those who tried to speak for Lu YunFei saw how the thread had turned into an echo chamber and no longer posted, preparing to leave. But then a new reply was posted.

    Bian JinYuan: I don’t need the money. I’m willing, why do you care?

    Everyone: ???? Fuck!! The actual person is here?!

    A single branch: Bian JinYuan? The actual person?

    Stand at attention: !!! As I live and breathe, the study god is also into chatting on discussion forums?

    Bian JinYuan: No. Actual person. This thread has been reported.

    Everyone: ???!!! Why would it be reported?! Also study god, if you’re not into discussion forums then what are you doing here?! Blink if you’re being held hostage!

    However before anyone could ask him anything, the thread was deleted.

    The people who had been entertained by this discussion thread could only feel a sense of wonder as the drama disappeared. What was this mysterious sense of rushing in to battle for the guy? If Bian JinYuan didn’t do it for money, then him treating Lu YunFei like this was because of… love?

    Lu YunFei hadn’t cared about the discussion thread after he had put away his phone. However Li YuanQing had noticed the outcome. Seeing that the thread had been deleted, he immediately reported its status to him. Lu YunFei got a shock upon hearing that Bian JinYuan had appeared in the thread using his real name. He moved closer to ask Bian JinYuan, “Deskmate, why did you reply to the discussion thread?”

    “I can’t reply?”

    “Of course not, it’s just that there was no need to.”

    Bian JinYuan worked on his papers as he said, “It’s okay, it didn’t take long.”

    Lu YunFei suggested, “Then next time you could use a username instead of your real name.”

    “We’ll see,” Bian JinYuan replied.

    Lu YunFei nodded and took his cup as he stood up to get water.

    Seeing this, Bian JinYuan also stood up and very naturally reached out to take his cup and, before Lu YunFei could react, had already taken both cups with him as he walked down the steps to head towards the water dispenser.

    Lu YunFei looked down at his empty hand, blinked, and quietly sat back down.

    After Bian JinYuan got the water and returned his cup to him, Lu YunFei received it and placed it on his desk, saying nicely to Bian JinYuan, “Thank you, but I can do things like get my own water. You don’t have to help me next time, it’s too much trouble for you.”

    “It’s okay, not troublesome.”

    “Still it’s alright, I can do it by myself.”

    “That’s not necessary,” Bian JinYuan said, “I like being troubled by you.”

    “It’s really alright,” Lu YunFei insisted.

    Seeing this, Bian JinYuan guessed that he had perhaps been affected by the discussion thread. He was about to tell Lu YunFei that he really didn’t mind these things, but the words were swallowed just as they reached his mouth. He looked at Lu YunFei, and suddenly wanted to prod at his feelings towards himself. He wanted to see if there was a possibility of Lu YunFei accepting him in the future.

    Bian JinYuan clenched his fist, his face a picture of calm, as he purposely said breezily, “Then let me put it another way—that’s not necessary, I like you.”

    Lu YunFei: ???!!!

    Lu YunFei was so shocked that his eyes widened as he stared at him in a daze, not saying anything.

    Bian JinYuan quietly waited, but Lu YunFei didn’t say anything and just stared at him in surprise. His eyes were filled with shock and a sliver of helplessness, his entire person at a standstill.

    This result was something that Bian JinYuan had expected. Yet, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh inwardly. As expected, Lu YunFei didn’t harbour a shred of romance towards him. He really thought of him purely as a friend.

    He smiled and lifted his hand to knock at Lu YunFei’s forehead as he said gently, “Look at how shocked you are, I was teasing you.”

    Lu YunFei then breathed out, coming back from his shock. He exclaimed, “You scared me, how could you be so childish by teasing me like that? Is teasing me that fun?”

    It’s quite fun, Bian JinYuan thought. Unfortunately it wasn’t fun this time.

    “Who told you to not be strangers just two days ago, yet you’re starting to be strangers.” Bian JinYuan stated.

    “I was also thinking of you, I didn’t want to trouble you.”

    “There’s no need,” Bian JinYuan’s tone was gentle as usual, “You being such a stranger is more trouble for me.”

    Lu YunFei didn’t persist after seeing his insistence. After all, everything was good as long as Bian JinYuan was happy.

    As for Bian JinYuan, his mind was full of Lu YunFei’s expression just now. He quietly recalled the imagery, his eyelids slowly lowered.

Quack Notes

Poor Bian JinYuan, but we’ve finally got a confession! Things can only progress from here! Also by now I should stop being so surprised that any chapter involving a discussion board doubles as culture time; these cultured usernames involving poems argh.

The username ‘faintly shadowed slope’  was originally 疏影横斜 (shū yǐng héng xié), which is part of a 10th century chinese poem, Plum Blossom in a Mountain Garden (山园小梅, shān yuán xiǎo méi) by Lin Bu. You can find a translation here.

The username ‘all things in their being’ was originally 天生我才 (tiān shēng wǒ cái). This is possibly a spoof of part of a famous phrase from poet Li Bai 天生我材必有用 (tiān shēng wǒ cái bì yǒu yòng), the meaning of which was translated by Baidu as ‘all things in their being are good for something’ (source in Mandarin). More specifically, it indicates a more positive perspective from Li Bai in that every person’s innate ability is useful in the world. However, because the username changed the character for the fourth word, I interpreted it as a spoof of this to mean somewhat literally ‘I’m only here because I was born’. But I opted to just take the first part of the translation from the original phrase in the end. Hope it’s not too confusing!

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