After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 047

[Chapter 047] Lu YunFei hugged Bian JinYuan tightly

Bian JinYuan raised his head to look at him, “If not?”

“You call this average!” Lu YunFei pointed at the 150 marks on the paper. If this is average, then other people can’t survive!

Bian JinYuan was very calm, “My average score is this.”

Listen! Listen to this! Are these still human words?

Lu YunFei looked at his deskmate and asked with all sincerity, “Then how much were you planning to score? Another 20 marks as a bonus score?”

Bian JinYuan smiled and put away his paper, “You should work on your homework.”

Lu YunFei tsked as he bemoaned, “Bian JinYuan you’re really too humble. You’re the sort of person that is described online, where the top student claims that they didn’t fare well in the exams. But once the papers come back, they’re still the top student!”

“I merely said that it was average, not that I didn’t fare well.”

“What’s the difference?!” Lu YunFei slumped forward on his desk, “But it’s great that your scores didn’t fall, otherwise I wouldn’t have felt okay asking you to continue being my tutor.”

Hearing this, Bian JinYuan halted his pen and looked at him, “I’ve only been your tutor for three days, and now you’re planning to fire me. Back when you were eager to get me to tutor you, you stuck to me incessantly. Now that I’m in your hands, you no longer treasure me?”

Lu YunFei: ??? What the hell do you mean by not being treasured when you’re in my hands! This phrase is way too ambiguous okay?!

“I’m thinking it’s for your own good, I’m afraid that you as the master would starve to death by teaching your pupil okay?”

“Won’t happen,” Bian JinYuan stated, “Don’t worry.”

Lu YunFei was about to reply when he heard the class representative shout, “The monthly exams rankings are out, I’ll paste it on the wall.”

Lu YunFei: !!!

Lu YunFei started to get anxious as he watched the class representative paste the ranking list up. Bian JinYuan stood up to get water, intending to look at Lu YunFei’s English score along the way. Lu YunFei immediately grabbed onto him, “What are you doing?”

Bian JinYuan waved his cup, “Get water.”

Lu YunFei breathed out in relief and was about to loosen his grip when he heard Bian JinYuan continue, “And check out your English score along the way.”

Lu YunFei immediately clenched onto his arm.

Bian JinYuan looked down at his hand, “Are you afraid?”

“Am I not supposed to be?” Lu YunFei felt that he had every reason to be afraid.

“Perhaps you scored well.”

“Then I’ll still need a bit of mental preparation.”

Bian JinYuan gave up, “Alright, I won’t check it, I’ll just get water.”

“Only getting water?”

“Only getting water.”

At this, Lu YunFei finally released his hold. Bian JinYuan took his cup as well, intending to get water for him too.

When Li YuanQing came back to the classroom from the toilet, he saw that the students were all gathered in front of the ranking list to check out this month’s exam results. He joined in to look for his scores, and then also looked for Lu YunFei’s scores since he was already there. Who would have thought that he would get such a shock upon seeing it, Lu YunFei’s ranking was way above his this time? This was impossible!

Li YuanQing followed his name to check out his scores for individual subjects. After seeing it, his entire body was in shock.

“Fuck,” He turned around to head towards Lu YunFei’s seat.

Lu YunFei was in the midst of mentally preparing himself, telling himself that since he was going to be cut down no matter what he did, he might as well die earlier and reincarnate earlier. Just then he heard Li YuanQing shout out to him, “Lu YunFei, You’ve flown!”

Lu YunFei, “Huh?”

“Haven’t you seen your results? You’re ranked twenty-fifth this time, and scored 98 for English!”

Lu YunFei: !!!

Lu YunFei instantly stood up and ran towards the ranking list. Very quickly, he searched for the column for English, where his score was officially printed as 98. Lu YunFei was over the moon, he broke away from the crowd and saw that Bian JinYuan was just heading back after getting water.

He ran over to him, and before Bian JinYuan could react, hugged him tightly, “Damn! Bian JinYuan you’re a god!! You must have been a scholarly deity in your previous life! How are you so awesome!”

Being suddenly hugged like that, Bian JinYuan froze, and for a moment felt his heart race.

Lu YunFei relaxed his hands to look at him and resisted the urge to kiss him twice. Look at his teacher Bian, not only is he handsome, he even has a halo!

As he relaxed his hug, Bian JinYuan regained his composure.

He looked at Lu YunFei’s gaze of adoration and guessed, “You scored well for English?”

“98!” Lu YunFei exclaimed, “My goodness, when was the last time I passed? At the start of year one?”

“Then continue working hard.”

“Don’t worry, I will continue to study hard, achieve improvements, and won’t ever let you down.”

Not bad, you’ve said it all. Bian JinYuan smiled, “Let’s go back, class is about to start.”

Lu YunFei stepped aside for him, “Please go ahead.”

Bian JinYuan: …

Bian JinYuan strode over to his seat.

The students who witnessed Lu YunFei hug Bian JinYuan were coming back to their senses. As they looked at the both of them, they wondered, just what was this progression? Was their relationship that good? They’re already at the point where they’re hugging!

《Shocking! Lu YunFei and Bian JinYuan hugged under everyone’s eyes! My Lv Hejin dog eyes# were almost blinded by the light!》

Original poster: Even though there’s no photo, I swear that this really happened! Lu YunFei just hugged Bian JinYuan, and not only did Bian JinYuan not push him away, he even let himself get hugged without saying a word! I’m shocked!

 Pythagoras theory is really useful: I’m a witness, original poster is telling the truth. What’s more, Bian JinYuan was holding two cups in his hands at that time, and one of them was Lu YunFei’s. He’s been getting water for Lu YunFei for half a month now.

Nothing else to do: Above poster and original poster, you’re from class one?

Girl with the pearl earring: What’s up with the above poster, trying to suss if they’re the same person?

Ruby ear studs: !!! Why did they hug? Begging for pictures! I already felt that something fishy was going on before when Bian JinYuan sent Lu YunFei home on his bicycle, and now they’re even hugging! I can’t anymore, I really want to ship them.

A frog leaps into the pond: Have all the good-looking guys gone for other good-looking guys? Stop being so realistic please!

Fishing the moon from the water: Above poster could you please not verbalise what you see with your rotten eyes, don’t you think you’re very KY?

Ruby ear studs: KY? How was it KY? The topic is about the both of them hugging. Above poster, it seems that your comprehension doesn’t pass muster.

Shan shan is adored: Speaking of passing, did Lu YunFei pass English this time?

Flowers in the Mirror: Are you Fei Fei’s anti-fan?!! Why would you bring up something so painful!

Shan shan is adored: No no no, I’m just curious.

You know who I am: Passed.

Shan shan is adored: ???

Flowers in the Mirror: !!!

Ruby ear studs: !!!

A frog leaps into the pond: !!!

You know who I am: But…

Shan: But what?

You know who I am: Forget it, it’s nothing. The information is not confirmed yet, I’ll say when it’s confirmed.

Lu YunFei read on and wondered, but what? He passed so what else was wrong? Why was it so secretive. Lu YunFei closed the discussion board and glanced at Li Li who was still going through the exam paper, and then he looked at Bian JinYuan who was currently working on today’s homework, and took out his worksheets to work on them as well.

Each class was 40 minutes. As the bell rang for class to end, Lu YunFei was still not quite done with his papers. Li Li ended class on time and picked up her teaching materials, calling out to Lu YunFei as she left, “Lu YunFei please come with me.”

Lu YunFei stood up and followed her out of the classroom.

Both of them stood in the corridor. Li Li looked at him a few times, as if she had something to say but stopping each time, making Lu YunFei anxious, “Teacher, whatever you have to say please tell me, stop looking at me like that.”

Li Li heard this and unexpectedly smiled.

She looked at Lu YunFei, her expression warm, “You scored well for this month’s exam.”

“I did okay,” Lu YunFei said humbly.

“Your English improved by a lot. Compared to the last time, you improved by twenty-four marks.”

“It was all thanks to Bian JinYuan’s help. Teacher Li, I think that for someone who not only excels in all areas, but also helps out his classmates to improve, shouldn’t Bian JinYuan be nominated to be a Well-rounded Student.”

First High’s Well-rounded student receives a prize.

Li Li nodded, “Could do. The Well-rounded Student hasn’t been selected for this semester yet, I’ll nominate him when it’s time.”

“Thank you teacher Li.”

Seeing that they were almost at the end of the corridor while conversing, Li Li stopped in her tracks and said gently, “Lu YunFei, you’re a good student, smart, hardworking, and have good grades and a good personality. As your homeroom teacher, I’m very happy to have a student like you in my class.”

Lu YunFei was at a loss at her praise, “Why are you suddenly praising me like this?”

Li Li smiled, “Because what’s coming next may not be that nice for you. However I want you to know that as your homeroom teacher, I trust you. It’s just that sometimes it doesn’t mean that other people hold the same amount of trust towards you.”

Lu YunFei turned serious, “What happened?”

“Your scores for English this time improved too swiftly, teacher Zhang suspects that you peeked at the exam paper for this month’s exam.”

Lu YunFei was perplexed, “I peeked at the exam paper? How did I peek, and where?”

“Remember the time when I asked the class representative to look for you?”

Lu YunFei nodded, “You had been called over by the department head, so there was no one in the staff room when I arrived. But I left immediately and didn’t enter.”

“That’s right. However, teacher Zhang claims that she had forgotten to store the printed exam paper in her hurry to go to class, and it had been on her desk. Teacher Zhang said that she saw you leave the staff room before she entered, and that there was no one else in the room, so it doesn’t rule out that you could have peeked at the English exam paper. She claims that otherwise, how would you have improved so much in such a short span, going from 74 to 98.”

Lu YunFei was so piqued by these words that he could only laugh in anger.

Li Li quickly assuaged him, “Don’t be angry. I said that I completely trust you. You’re not this sort of student, so you have no need to do something like this. But I’m not in charge of English. Teacher Zhang thinks that you cheated for English and wants to nullify your score this time. I disagreed, but she was very adamant on the matter. As we argued over it, the department head overheard, and now she wants to hear your side of the story, and that is why I’m taking you over now. Don’t be upset, and explain it properly to the head later, and it should be alright.”

Lu YunFei scoffed. Zhang YanRong was really amusing, she could pull this kind of trick after he rejected her as a source of money. Fine, he’d like to see just what Zhang YanRong would say!

However, “These things, can’t security cameras solve it? Are there security cameras in the office?”

Quack Notes

I both look forward to and loathe the discussion posts in these chapters because there’s so many footnotes whenever it comes to all their slangs, but at the same time I’m super excited to explain their context! I also didn’t know that there were so many loan words from Japanese in contemporary Chinese webnovels (and I guess reflective of the online sphere in reality) and it’s fun to tickle my rudimentary grasp of Japanese while working on this too!

Just a not-so-quick note that I translated this literally instead of the contextual meaning here, because I thought it fit better. The phrase Lu YunFei used was to question if Bian JinYuan was speaking a human language ‘人话’ (rén huà). The popular phrase, to ‘speak human language’ (说人话, shuō rén huà), is often used online in response to people speaking nonsense, abstract stuff, flowery words etc, to tell them to say things that can be understood by others. In this case, Lu YunFei was wondering if Bian JinYuan could say something that made sense – because his definition of ‘average’ is so far off from everyone else’s.

# From what I could find, ‘Lv Hejin dog eyes’ (钛合金狗眼, tài hé jīn gǒu yǎn) comes from World of Warcraft, and WOW players coined the phrase ‘my Lv Hejin dog eyes have been blinded’ to make fun of something unexpected (source in Chinese). I still have no idea what ‘Lv Hejin’ means though?!

Just some cute trivia – I translated what she said as ‘ship’, but the actual term used was ‘磕’ (). 磕 literally means to ‘eat’. But in online fandoms, it takes on another meaning similar to supporting/ fanning over people, such as in the phrase ‘磕CP’ – fans shipping couples in their fandoms. Also, if anyone has seen the initials ‘kswl’ in Chinese webnovels (I have once but I can’t remember if that was raw or translated!), it stands for ‘磕死我了’(kē sǐ wǒ le), which means ‘I’m choking to death (because this is so romantic/ sweet)’. You can read more here!

水中捞月 (shuǐ zhōng lāo yuè) means to attempt to do something that is futile. The story behind this idiom talks of five monkeys who were playing by a well, when one of them saw the reflection of the moon on the water. They thought that the moon had dropped into the well and attempted to fish it back up so that they could prevent the nights from being dark. The monkeys decided to form a chain as they clung onto each other’s tails. However, the tree branch that they hung off from broke under their weight, and all of them fell into the well. The moral of this story was to warn people not to believe others who can’t tell the difference between truth and falsehood, as they may not only harm themselves, but others too.

‘KY’ is online slang and is a shortened version of the Japanese phrase ‘空気が読めない’ (kuuki ga yomenai). It means to be unable to read the room, or to be obtuse to the atmosphere of the room. Also, this poster alluded to the above poster’s ‘rotten eyes’, and if you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you’d be familiar with the term fujoshi (腐女子) / fudanshi (腐男子), which is Japanese for ‘rotten girl / guy’ because they read BL. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

I translated it as ‘Well-rounded Student’, but the actual term used was 三好学生 (sān hào xué shēng) – students possessing the three good values of character, academic, and sports.

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