After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 027

[Chapter 027] Lu YunFei: Be my English tutor~

Bian JinYuan didn’t say anything and simply took out a workbook to start on the homework that the teacher had assigned.

That night, Lu YunFei first went through an English tutoring lesson, and then worked on the mock test on the fourth page of the book upon Bian JinYuan’s request. He wasn’t sure whether his answers were correct, but Bian JinYuan hadn’t written them down in this book, and so he had to wait for him to mark it the next day.

Before falling asleep, Lu YunFei suddenly had a thought. If Bian JinYuan was willing, he could be his tutor. It didn’t matter if his current methods were working for him or not, the fact was that he had expended time and energy to help him. Furthermore, if Bian JinYuan were his tutor, he would also be able to earn some money.

This would kill two birds with one stone, benefiting both himself and Bian JinYuan. Lu YunFei thought that this wasn’t a bad idea, it was just that he didn’t know if Bian JinYuan would agree to it.

As it turned out, Bian JinYuan did not agree to it. 

“Why?” Lu YunFei didn’t understand, “You’re already helping me, so if you become my tutor wouldn’t that be a natural process?”

Bian JinYuan twirled his pen and replied, “No reason, I just don’t want to.”

Lu YunFei was perplexed, “Are you thinking that perhaps bringing money into our classmate relationship would destroy it?”

Bian JinYuan glanced at him helplessly, “I just don’t want to bear unnecessary burdens.”

“What do you mean?”

“Me helping you now is incidental. Put it another way, I’m not implicated if you don’t score well. If I become your tutor and receive your money yet your grades don’t improve, it would mean that I’m unfit for the job and don’t deserve taking your money. I don’t like this possibility, so I reject the idea.”

“You can’t put it that way,” Lu YunFei tried to persuade him, “The improvement of grades doesn’t just depend on the teacher, but also the student. As long as you put in the effort, you still deserve to be paid for your time and energy.”

Bian JinYuan shook his head, his stance made clear.

Lu YunFei thought he was being obstinate, “Can’t you think of something more optimistic? Such as after you become my tutor, my grades will immediately soar and I’ll get 120.”

Bian JinYuan looked at him, his expression evident, “Do you even believe that yourself?”

“I do,” Lu YunFei said confidently, “One must have dreams, in the event that it does come true.”

Bian JinYuan nodded, “Sure, anyone with dreams are remarkable.”

“So you agree?”


Lu YunFei was speechless. He looked at Bian JinYuan and decided to use his secret technique, “Do you think you’re being appropriate? Is this really how you should act towards your benefactor?”

Bian JinYuan almost cracked a smile upon hearing this.

“What’s with your expression? Was I wrong?” Lu YunFei hit the table, “I’ve helped you twice, twice!! A drop of water given in need ought to be repaid with a gushing spring. Guess how much you have to gush from these two times? Very well, you don’t even want to become my tutor, is this your attitude towards your benefactor?”

Bian JinYuan felt that he was probably never going to escape Lu YunFei holding this over his head in the foreseeable future, and so he reminded him, “You said it before, I’ve already gushed.”

“And you’ve mentioned, your spring doesn’t just gush once.”

Bian JinYuan couldn’t help but say, “Lu YunFei, it’s not that I don’t want to, but you know as well that I have work after school. I’m quite satisfied with my job, so I don’t have time to be your tutor. Understood?”

“Then you could find some time during school to guide me,” Lu YunFei recommended, “it doesn’t take up much time, we could use the physical education class every week. After taking away the time used for running, there’s still 30 minutes. If I calculate the fees with my usual tutoring, it’ll be a thousand for an hour, five hundred for half an hour.”

“How much?” Bian JinYuan was shocked by the number, “A thousand for an hour?”

Lu YunFei nodded, “This is the usual rate, if the tutor’s skills are higher then it could go up.”

Bian JinYuan: …

Bian JinYuan had always considered that his deskmate was probably an extroverted type. Now, he thought that his deskmate was likely a dumb but rich type. When they were at KFC, he had thought that Lu YunFei’s claim of a thousand an hour was simply an exaggeration to stop him from calculating, but who knew that this was the truth, and that there wasn’t the least bit of embellishment to the claim!

“What’s with your expression?” Lu YunFei perplexedly asked.

“Do you currently have an English tutor?”

“I’ve always had one.”

Bian JinYuan felt tired.

Lu YunFei looked at his speechless face and tried to explain on behalf of his tutor, “This has nothing to do with my tutor, really. The tutors are good, but it’s just not possible when it comes to me as a student.”

“And you still want me to be your tutor?”

“That’s because even though I have bad grades, I have a good attitude and don’t want to let go of any opportunities which will help me.”

Lu YunFei moved closer to him, “So teacher Bian, do you agree to my proposal?”

Bian JinYuan disagreed fundamentally. Firstly, he and Lu YunFei were classmates and he didn’t want to make money off his classmates; secondly, taking his money came with responsibilities and he didn’t want to shoulder that; thirdly, if he took Lu YunFei’s money but Lu YunFei’s grades didn’t improve, Bian JinYuan would feel that he didn’t deserve the money. As someone ambitious, he would never allow such a situation to unfold, and would think of ways to help Lu YunFei raise his grades. This required a lot of effort to do, and was definitely not as simple as Lu YunFei thought. 

From these three points, this situation only created unnecessary trouble for him. Bian JinYuan didn’t care much for trouble, and so he didn’t want to acquiesce to Lu YunFei’s request. However, upon hearing that Lu YunFei spent a thousand per hour on tutors yet scored such failing grades, Bian JinYuan felt that it was such a waste.

Lu YunFei was considered to be one of the few individuals who had established a friendly classmate relationship with him. Even though this amount of money was considered a pittance according to Lu YunFei’s family background, Bian JinYuan felt that he couldn’t just stand by and watch him waste it when he had the means to prevent it.

He had never been one to waffle, and so he quickly came to a decision, “How about this.”

“About what?” Lu YunFei asked curiously.

“I’ll help you this month. If your English gets a passing grade during this month’s exam, proving that I could possibly take on this role, then I’ll agree. If you fail, then it means that I’m no better than other tutors, and couldn’t naturally accept this role.”

“Are you serious?” Lu YunFei exclaimed, “Deskmate, tell me the truth, you just don’t want to agree to this!”

Bian JinYuan looked at him and calmly said, “You scored 74 out of 150 for English, this means that the potential for you to improve is vast. The gap between fail and pass is the best window to improve. If I help you this month and am still unable to achieve any results, it just proves that I don’t have the aptitude for it, and am unworthy of being your tutor.”

Lu YunFei despaired, “Do you know the standards my English tutors sit at? The highest level was an English professor at a reputable school, the lowest level was a specialised teacher who was also an English champion. However you’ve seen the results. If you were able to raise my grades to 90 marks within a month, then what are you still doing sitting beside me? You should go join them.”

Lu YunFei pointed at the podium, “Stand behind the podium, you can become an English teacher.”

Quack Notes

Lu YunFei, that sass!

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  1. Ahahahaa Lu YunFei’s setting of being bad at English is so funny xDD I’m looking forward to Bian JinYuan creating a miracle (✧∇✧) XD
    Thank you~~

  2. I don’t know if LYF would actually improve with BJY tutoring him, but I don’t feel it to be impossible or too fictional. Math used to be my worst subject, but after having a certain teacher teach me algebra, it’s like I unlocked all branches of math — even when my next teachers taught so fast or did not teach at all, I could somehow understand everything. I don’t know how that happened either.

    • I get what u mean. My sister was the same… Pretty garbage at maths, even though most people in my family are REALLY good at maths, including me. Then my mom hired my former tuition teacher (I am 2 yrs older) as a private tutor for her and lo, behold. She scored freaking 84% in her finals that year, and eventually made a career in accounting and finance. It’s been almost 20 yrs but my mom still worships that guy lmao.

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