After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 037

[Chapter 037] I’ll carry you

Li Shuai was furious and couldn’t do anything after being served the warning, so he pointed at Bian JinYuan, “You’d better watch out.”

“Who are you trying to threaten,” Lu YunFei retorted: “What, do you want to fight, we’ll gladly go along with you after the sports festival ends in the next two days.”

Li Shuai wanted to say more, but then he saw Zhao Yao standing beside Lu YunFei. Zhao Yao looked at him with disappointment and reproach in her eyes. Moreover, she even averted her eyes when he looked over.

Li Shuai could only taste the bitterness in his heart. He didn’t say anything more and left the area.

Bian JinYuan looked at Zhang Xin and said coldly: “You caused someone to trip and fall. Now that you’ve also tripped and fallen, we’re even.”

It was then when Lu YunFei understood why Bian JinYuan had suddenly acted up and kicked Zhang Xin, so it turned out to be revenge. He had never thought that he was the srt who would pay an eye for an eye in these sorts of situations.

Zhang Xin knew that he couldn’t win a fight against him, plus he still had events he was participating in, so he could only shoot him a glare before chasing after Li Shuai.

The girls from class three and bystanders from other classes also gradually dispersed.

Li YuanQing couldn’t help but sing his praises, “Amazing, as expected of our top student, you were even able to solve this problem. But I’m curious, how did you know that the ball bearings were his?”

Lu YunFei had also wondered about that: “Was it true what you said about him on the running track? You remembered it so clearly.”

Bian JinYuan “Mmm”-ed in response. His memory had always been excellent, and so at the moment when Lu YunFei held out the ball bearings, Bian JinYuan had already started to recall who had been standing on the running track.

Lu YunFei had arrived late then. Before he arrived, the runners had not yet gotten into their positions, and so if someone wanted to target him, they would have the best chance after the runners’ positions had been determined. During this time, the people standing on Lu YunFei’s lane… Bian JinYuan surveyed the surrounding area and noticed a familiar face. Beside him stood Li Shuai, the person who snatched the first place position because of Lu YunFei’s mishap.

Thus, the motivation was found.

However, he didn’t elaborate and asked Lu YunFei, “Does it still hurt?”

“Not anymore,” Lu YunFei said as he took two steps.

Bian JinYuan relaxed after he saw that he really wasn’t in pain.

The referees came to a decision quickly. There would be a rematch, and it would follow Lu YunFei’s request.

“Competitions have always had an element of luck, which results in different outcomes. For this rematch, other runners could have just participated in other events or had other things going on, which could affect their results. In order to make this as fair as possible to the majority, we’ve decided to hold a rematch according to student Lu YunFei’s request. However it’s also not fair towards Lu YunFei if he were to compete with the first place winner. As such, Lu YunFei will compete against the top three winners. If he wins, he’ll tie with them. If he loses, he will not be ranked. This will be fair to everyone.”

Lu YunFei naturally agreed, “Thank you.”

The referee notified the sports representatives of the classes of the second and third place winners to set a time for the rematch.

This time, the referee inspected the running track carefully before blowing the whistle.

Because Li Shuai had fought with Bian JinYuan earlier, his results for the previous race were disqualified. However, the referee had recorded down his time for the race. Lu YunFei would be able to attain first place if he were able to run faster than the recorded time.

Wen MingYi, Li YuanQing, and He Pan cheered on from the side of the track. Bian JinYuan stood at the finish line, waiting for him to run past it.

Lu YunFei ran as fast as the wind, but as he ran, he realised that his leg started to hurt again. Fuck! Lu YunFei was in disbelief, why was he fucking relapsing?!

He clenched his teeth and ran past the finish line in one last breath. “Beep” went the referee’s whistle.

Bian JinYuan noticed how he seemed to be a little off at the later half of the race and immediately went to support him after he crossed the finish line, asking, “Are you alright?”

However Lu YunFei wasn’t concerned about this, “How many seconds?” He asked the referee curiously.

“You were faster than the previous first place record by 0.5 seconds,” The referee smiled, “Congratulations, first place winner.”

Lu YunFei was elated, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, work hard.”

Lu YunFei smiled, and then remembered Bian JinYuan’s question and answered him honestly: “It seems to have become painful again.”

“Have it looked at in the medical office, your events are over for today anyway.”

“Yeah, go have it checked out,” Li YuanQing added.

Wen MingYi never liked going to hospitals, and the medical office was similar, “You guys go ahead, I’m allergic to that place so I’ll pass. I’ll be heading to the restroom.”

“But I have an event coming up soon,” Li YuanQing looked at his watch, “In twenty more minutes.”

“I’ll accompany him,” Bian JinYuan said, “You guys tend to your affairs.”

Saying this, he said to Lu YunFei, “Let’s go.”

Lu YunFei actually didn’t like visiting the medical office either, but seeing how he had a basketball match in two days, he felt that he should pay a visit to be safe. However, as he took two steps, he felt a pain in his ankle shoot up, and it got so painful that he started hopping the more he walked.

Bian JinYuan saw him hopping like a rabbit and suggested, “I’ll carry you.”

“No need,” Lu YunFei rejected unhesitatingly.

“Then do you intend to hop all the way there?”

“Can’t I?”

“Sure, but there’s no need to.”

Lu YunFei patted his shoulder, “The thing is, it would be quite embarrassing to have you carry me.”

“Embarrassing?” Bian JinYuan was puzzled.

Lu YunFei nodded, “That’s right, having you carry me, a grown man, in front of so many people in the sports field is embarrassing.”

This was the first time that Bian JinYuan realised that his deskmate cared about appearances.

“Then I’ll carry you after we exit the sports field.”

“That’s still very embarrassing.”

“No problem,” Bian JinYuan looked at his leg, “After all, we’ve got fifty years of friendship#.”

Lu YunFei smiled upon hearing that, and didn’t reject the notion.

He did feel a little tired as he hopped along while talking to Bian JinYuan. Seeing how no one was around, he got Bian JinYuan to steady himself before climbing onto his back, “Now our friendship is not just fifty years, but seventy years.”

Bian JinYuan chuckled, “You’ve got inflation?”

“But of course,” Lu YunFei mused as he plastered himself on Bian JinYuan’s back, “Wait until the day when we go out to play, we’ll get a king size bedroom, then it’ll basically be a hundred years.”

Bian JinYuan reminded him, “You should know that in ‘a thousand years to share the same pillow’, sharing the same pillow is not what you think it means.”

“It’s all about sleeping in one bed, it’s more or less the same.” 

Bian JinYuan shook his head and didn’t press it. Lu YunFei pondered, when could they go out to play? Perhaps during winter vacation?

Wen MingYi had needed to visit the restroom urgently, and so he hadn’t waited for Lu YunFei to leave the sports field. As he walked past the hall of fame, he subconsciously peered into the glass cabinet to find the first name on the Science list, Si JunDuo.

He couldn’t help but stop to look at the familiar face in the photo.

“I just met your ge at the sports field entrance,” He remembered what Lu YunFei had said earlier, “I initially wanted him to come here with me to cheer you on, but he said that he was afraid that seeing him would cause you to lose your composure, so he left.”

Wen MingYi blinked. He looked at the photograph in front of him quietly, feeling momentarily unsettled.

“Captivated?” He heard someone ask.

Wen MingYi turned his head in disbelief to find the actual person from the photograph standing behind him.

He looked at Si JunDuo as his expression changed, his tone deriding, “Hadn’t you left already?”

“I had intended to leave, but thought that I might as well wait for you since I was already here.”

Wen MingYi snorted, “What are you waiting for me for? It’s not like I have anything to say to you.”

Si JunDuo slowly bridged the gap between them and said softly: “You were staring at my photo for so long, but now that you’re facing the actual person, you no longer have anything to say.”

“That’s right,” Wen MingYi said frostily, “There’s nothing to say between the both of us. I was just looking at your photo to see if your long-standing hold at the top would be ousted.”

Si JunDuo glanced at the hall of fame, “If you wish, you could also be among this list.”

“Then forget it. I’m afraid I’ll vomit if I appear in the same place as you.”

Wen MingYi said and turned to leave, but Si JunDuo reached out to hold his arm as he said gently: “Your performance today was outstanding. The match was exciting to watch.”

Wen MingYi raised his arm to shake off his hand, “It’s none of your business.”

“Let me treat you to a meal, together with Lu YunFei and the rest.”

“No need.”

“Ming Ming…”

“Aren’t you being a nuisance!” Wen MingYi interrupted him, “Can’t you tell that I don’t want to see you?!”

After saying this, he strode swiftly out of the hall of fame.

Si JunDuo looked upon his retreating back and sighed helplessly. He didn’t understand why his seemingly fine didi (younger brother) suddenly underwent a rebellious phase. He no longer went home, and his personality had changed. If he wasn’t ignoring him, then he was arguing with him. The once obedient and good kid had turned overnight. The child whom he had nurtured and protected for so many years had suddenly turned into a stranger.

He looked at Wen MingYi, his heart heavy with fatigue.

Wen MingYi did his business in the restroom solemnly, and then went to a nearby willow tree to sit on a bench, images of Si JunDuo and his words flashing across his mind. 

He didn’t know if Si JunDuo had already left, and also didn’t know if he wanted to see him leave or not.

He sat quietly, as his heart felt like it was full of cotton which had been dunked in water, pensive and brooding.

Afterwards, he opened up WeChat and sent a sentence to his friend group: 20 October, fair day turned cloudy.

Lu YunFei was on his phone while sitting on the sick bed. He read Wen MingYi’s status and thought: It’s here again, blindly reporting on the weather.

Thinking this, he looked through his friend group before putting his phone back down, and seemed to remember something before asking Bian JinYuan: “Where’s my chocolate?”

Bian JinYuan took the chocolate out from his pocket and handed it over to him.

Lu YunFei had removed his shoes and socks with both hands earlier in order to examine his ankle. He was a little mysophobic and was thus reluctant to use his hands to pick up the chocolate, so he said to Bian JinYuan, “How about unwrapping it and feeding me, I’ve just touched my shoes and socks and haven’t yet washed my hands, they’re dirty.”

Bian JinYuan thought that he was quite particular. But thinking about it, it seemed normal for a young master of a wealthy family to be particular.

He unwrapped the chocolate and moved it over to Lu YunFei’s mouth, “Eat, young master.”

Lu YunFei giggled as he glanced at him, and then dipped his head down to take bites out of the chocolate.

Bian JinYuan watched, his eyes turning gentle.

Quack Notes

I can’t tell you how much I love that Wen Mingyi and Si JunDuo have such a long cameo here! For anyone interested in their story, head over to Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog, which is set a few years after this story. For anyone who’s already reading it, I offer my apologies for constantly pimping it, but also a warning that I’ll never not link to it in these notes as long as their relationship is mentioned haha!

# This is in reference to this ambiguous remark that Lu YunFei had made in chapter 34!

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