After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 052

[Chapter 052] Alluring teacher Bian, a small class

Lu YunFei was confused, “What is she going crazy about?”

“Bian JinYuan talked back at her and walked out of the classroom, causing her to feel that she had lost face, so she went off. She’s crazy for using class time to bellyache instead of properly teaching.”

Lu YunFei finally understood.

Zhang YanRong looked at the students in the classroom. Everyone kept their heads down and didn’t dare to make a sound, feeling as if the air within the classroom was terrifyingly oppressive.

“Anyone else like to leave?” Zhang YanRong said coldly.

Utter silence.

Zhang YanRong slammed the table with a loud “bang”. Lu YunFei got startled by the sound and said to Bian JinYuan beside him, “She’s gone crazy again.”

Bian JinYuan brought the booklet up to block Lu YunFei’s eyes, “Memorise properly.”

Li YuanQing saw how Lu YunFei was busy memorising and Bian JinYuan was reading a book, and suddenly felt that he had nothing to do, and so he took out his phone to play games on it.

Inside the classroom, Zhang YanRong couldn’t put a lid on her anger and took it out on the remaining students. She waved her hand dismissively at the end of her tirade, “This class is now self-study, go read your books.”

Everyone looked at each other feeling that they had been treated unjustly.

“Why is teacher Zhang directing her anger at us!”

“Yeah, it’s not like we had angered her.”

“She was the one who had found trouble with Lu YunFei, and now she’s turned it around to say that students are unmanageable. If she hadn’t found trouble, Lu YunFei wouldn’t have left, and Bian JinYuan and Li YuanQing couldn’t have followed suit either.”

“Li YuanQing leaving was also because of her taunts. If she hadn’t mentioned that they were good friends, would Li YuanQing have continued sitting there?”

“That’s right,” Li YuanQing replied, “If she hadn’t taunted me, would I still have left?”

“How are you guys outside?” A student asked.

Li YuanQing glanced at Bian JinYuan who was currently explaining a question to Lu YunFei, “We’re alright, our study god is currently explaining questions to Lu YunFei.”

“What is he explaining?” Someone asked.

Li YuanQing moved closer to listen. In a flash, ten minutes went by.

After the ten minutes were over, Li YuanQing went over to stand beside the booklet and sincerely and gently asked, “Fei, could you lend me this booklet to make a copy?”

He winked in an attempt to be endearing.

Lu YunFei: …

Both were winks, yet Lu YunFei didn’t understand how Bian JinYuan’s wink was as if flowers had blossomed, but Li YuanQing’s wink was such that his bones wanted to jump out of his skin.

Lu YunFei turned to his tutor, “Teacher, can I lend it out?”

“Up to you,” Bian JinYuan didn’t mind.

“Then I’ll lend it to you,” Lu YunFei said, “But these are organised for me and may not be suitable for you.”

“It’s suitable, it’s suitable, I think it’s suitable,” Li YuanQing hurriedly replied.

Lu YunFei saw that he didn’t mind and arranged a time for him to copy the booklet, reminding him, “Your phone’s been ringing for a while.”

Li YuanQing looked down to find that the students in the group chat were still waiting for his reply.

“Sorry about that, the question that Bian JinYuan went over was also a mistake that I commonly make, so I listened in as well and didn’t notice my phone.”

The students in the classroom made to self-study: …

“So right now, you and Lu YunFei are currently outside having a small tutoring class from the study god?”

“The main person is Lu YunFei, I’m merely an extra,” Li YuanQing was very clear on his role.

The students cried, “Here we are doing self-study! Self-study! We’re all students here but why are we living different fates!”

On this day, class one students were split into two groups. The students in the classroom wanted to come out, while the students outside… didn’t want to go in.

When the bell rang at the end of class, Lu YunFei had memorised quite a bit. Zhang YanRong exited the classroom and glared at them. Lu YunFei smiled back, Bian JinYuan was cool, while Li YuanQing had his head lowered as he played games on his phone. Zhang YanRong was so infuriated that she trodged loudly back into the staff office in her high heels.

At Zhang Yanrong’s departure, the students from class one who had suffered for an entire lesson started to complain without hesitation. Each and every one of them were incredibly angered, yet helpless about it. What they didn’t expect was that for the afternoon English class, Zhang YanRong made Lu YunFei stand outside again.

“Lu YunFei, what are you doing laying on the table? Are you tired? Then stand outside to clear your head, come back when you’re awake.”

Lu YunFei found this laughable, and took the booklet to leave.

Bian JinYuan saw Lu YunFei leave and took his book to leave as well.

Li YuanQing admonished, “Isn’t this enough, why would a teacher such as yourself spend your time studying how to punish students to stand outside instead of studying how to properly teach?!”

Zhang YanRong was about to reply angrily, but Li YuanQing immediately followed up with, “Save your energy, I’ll leave.”

This was virtually the same scenario as this morning. Zhang YanRong was so incensed that both her hands trembled. She didn’t understand why she had to deal with such a bunch of terrible students, and once again launched into a tirade at the remaining students in the classroom.

“Teacher, please continue teaching,” The class representative said.

“Teach? How am I supposed to teach! I’m met with such attitudes like theirs. Is this the attitude of a student?”

“Then are you displaying the attitude of a teacher?” A student within the class asked.

“What did you say? What, do you want to leave too?”

The other party smiled and stood up to leave the classroom.

Zhang YanRong was so piqued that she shouted, “Whoever wants to leave, leave now!”

The classroom quieted for a second, and soon four to five boys stood up. Following that, two to three girls also stood up to leave the classroom,

In a moment, a stream of students continued exiting the classroom.

Lu YunFei saw how his classmates continued emerging from the classroom and asked, “Zhang YanRong had also chased you out?”

“No, she’s throwing a fit in the classroom. We wanted her to teach, but she refused and even said, ‘do you also want to leave’, everyone was so annoyed that we came out.”

“Ridiculous,” Someone scolded, “What’s her deal in directing her anger at you towards us, we didn’t provoke her.”

“I hadn’t provoked her either,” Lu YunFei claimed.

“You made her apologise to you, in her eyes that counts as provoking her.”

“That was because she had falsely accused me, why else would I ask her to apologise to me?”

“Sigh,” Everyone breathed out heavily as they stood against the wall.

Bian JinYuan was still testing Lu YunFei on English vocabulary. Seeing that everyone had stood properly, Lu YunFei didn’t say more and continued his spelling test.

Lu YunFei obediently spelt the words out loud from memory.

Everyone saw how smoothly their question and answer was and quipped, “Your little tutoring class doesn’t seem to be affected.”

“Who asked teacher Bian to be so responsible,” Lu YunFei praised.

Bian JinYuan continued to test him, and Lu YunFei continued answering. Everyone was bored and followed Lu YunFei along in answering, successfully revising their vocabulary.

After the spelling test, Bian JinYuan started to explain the fill-in-the-blanks section. Lu YunFei had never done well in this section, and his basics were flimsy. Thus, Bian JinYuan explained it very thoroughly. As everyone listened in, they unconsciously started to huddle around. By the time Bian JinYuan noticed that the people surrounding him, he and Lu YunFei had been completely surrounded.

Everyone laughed, “Go on, please continue talking.”

Bian JinYuan: …

Bian JinYuan suddenly felt that he didn’t want to continue.

However Lu YunFei found that this worked out well. Everyone was sharing the same punishment, so it was nice that they could all learn together.

“Continue please,” he urged Bian JinYuan.

Bian JinYuan had no choice but to continue explaining. This fill-in-the-blank portion was more difficult, the attached meanings are varied… as Bian JinYuan explained, he would connect the concepts to other test portions. Lu YunFei, who had a poor grasp of the basics, felt very enlightened.

His classmates who saw his reactions at connecting the dots felt that Lu YunFei’s basics were too terrible! At the same time, it explained why his grades had improved by so much. When Bian JinYuan taught, it really did seem logical.

Everyone happily listened for an entire class period. After Zhang YanRong left the classroom, they found out that she had made the class self-study again. The students who had gone outside the class felt that they had made good use of their time.

Lu YunFei had already gone through Zhang YanRong’s taunts twice. The next English lesson when Zhang YanRong looked at him, he automatically took his booklet out with him. Zhang YanRong hadn’t stopped him, and so Bian JinYuan and Li YuanQing followed him out.

Lu YunFei said to Bian JinYuan, “The one she’s punishing is me, not you. You don’t have to follow me out.”

Bian JinYuan replied with an “Mmm”, and continued the next time.

Zhang YanRong saw how Lu YunFei went out for his punishment at the same time every day like it was nothing, as if he didn’t seem to think anything of her, and got even angrier. Her lessons started to get messy, and the number of times she turned the class into self-study periods increased.

Some of the students in class weren’t happy, to which she replied, “Are you the teacher or am I the teacher here, who are you to tell me how to teach?”

These students were so angry that they followed Lu YunFei to stand outside at her next class.

Lu YunFei noticed how the people getting punished seemed to have multiplied and said, “What’s up? I know that she and I don’t see eye to eye, but why are you all joining the fray?”

“It’s self-study all the same inside, might as well listen to Bian JinYuan go through the paper with you. Who knows, we could even glean some insights to the topic.”

Lu YunFei: … Somehow this felt inexplicably humbling.

He Pan asked, “You’ve already been standing outside for four or five lessons, why haven’t you met the department head or homeroom teacher? Otherwise you could also give them feedback on this matter. Should we look for them?”

Lu YunFei hadn’t actually regarded this as an issue. First High had never seen a case of someone abusing their power, and he wasn’t one to flaunt his family’s wealth and status either. He had been inclined to go with “it’s getting colder, let Zhang YanRong resign#”. To him, he didn’t like Zhang YanRong. But while that was the case, Zhang YanRong was an English teacher at First High who taught students other than himself. As long as the majority didn’t find issue with Zhang YanRong and thought that she taught well, Lu YunFei didn’t want to confront her and affect everyone’s grades.

After all, whether he listened in class or not didn’t matter. It wasn’t as if he could understand it, so whether or not he was inside or outside the classroom didn’t make much of a difference.

Now that this issue had affected the entire class one, Lu YunFei thought about it and decided that it was best to at least inform Li Li about this situation.

“I’ll look for teacher Li,” he said.

“Let’s go together,” He Pan said, “We’ll vouch for you, and can also explain the current situation better.”

“Sure,” Lu YunFei agreed.

As they said, a row of students headed towards the year two staff office.

When Li Li finished her class and returned to the staff office, she saw her homeroom students standing in front of Xiao Zhan, talking to him about something.

As she pushed the door to enter, Li YuanQing turned his head and saw her, waving her over, “Teacher Li, we’re here to look for you.”

As his words dropped, Zhang YanRong also entered the staff office. She saw Lu YunFei and company, let out a snort, and went to sit at her desk.

Quack Notes

Things are about to go down y’all!

# This is a tweak from a viral line from a BL webnovel, 《我的烈火保镖》(My Fiery Bodyguard), which said “It’s getting cold, let the Wang group go bankrupt”. Apparently it’s meant to make fun of the depiction of an overbearing attitude from a powerful person. Basically what I can infer from this reference is that Lu YunFei is so powerful that he can’t be bothered with petty things like this, and that he’s powerful enough to rise above Zhang YanRong’s own demise. You can read more on this article (in Mandarin).

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