After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 078

[Chapter 078] “I like only you, I really like you.”

    The both of them went home together. Last year, Bian JinYuan wasn’t too keen on having Lu YunFei visit his home. He didn’t want to expose his poverty to him, and was worried that he would see shock, disgust, or even pity in his eyes.

    But then, Lu YunFei had calmly waltzed into his home without disgust or pity, only warmth between the both of them. Bian JinYuan really liked that warmth, and so when Lu YunFei suggested visiting again this year, he didn’t reject it, and looked forward to his arrival instead.

    Lu YunFei put his bag down and sat on the sofa while Bian JinYuan poured him a glass of warm water.

    Lu YunFei took it over to warm his hands, and seeing the papers that had not yet been put away, expressed in shock, “You’ve already completed so much.”

    Bian JinYuan replied calmly, “I had nothing else to do, so I just worked on them.”

    “But you still went through them so quickly,” Lu YunFei exclaimed.

    Bian JinYuan sat beside him and said gently, “I could continue accompanying you as you work on yours.”

    Lu YunFei didn’t want to start doing homework so soon after arriving. He wanted to play for a bit, and so he and Bian JinYuan played a round of games before commencing on their papers.

    Bian JinYuan sat beside him and switched on the small radiator lamp. He even handed him an electric hot water bottle as he accompanied him to work on his papers.

    The both of them spent most of their time together working on English papers, because other subjects didn’t pose much of a problem to Lu YunFei. It was only English that, up till now, he wasn’t able to confidently say that he had it in his grasp.

    Bian JinYuan helped him to correct a paper and calculate his marks, and said in surprise, “138.”

    Lu YunFei was shocked, “You didn’t count incorrectly did you?”


    Lu YunFei could hardly believe it. His English had been steadily improving ever since he’d gotten Bian JinYuan’s help, to the point where Lu YunFei had even scored 125 marks, something which he would have never believed before. But to think that he could score 138 this time… Lu YunFei couldn’t believe it, and could only surmise, “The questions were probably easier.”

    Bian JinYuan thought so too, “But this is a good thing, it proves that you can still continue to improve. If the college entrance exams topics aren’t too difficult, you have a chance of aiming for 140.”

    Lu YunFei heard this and felt that his heart couldn’t take it. If he could attain a score of 140 for English, it would mean that Tsinghua University was a shoe-in. At this notion, Lu YunFei felt that he had to digest this piece of news, and so he took a sip of water and decided to cool down by watching a video.

    Bian JinYuan thought that he was a little cute this way and didn’t stop him. He pinched a few longans that mother Lu had Lu YunFei bring over and placed them on a plate, proceeding to peel them for Lu YunFei.

    Lu YunFei had never received such treatment before and felt that, “Bian Bian you’re so virtuous.”

    Bian JinYuan fed a longan into his mouth as he smiled, “Mmm, only virtuous toward you.”

    Lu YunFei…

    Lu YunFei felt as if an arrow had pierced his heart. He silently chewed on the longan and felt as if his face was burnt by the radiator.

    Bian JinYuan oversaw Lu YunFei as he worked on two papers and helped him to explain the questions he got wrong as well as the extrapolated key points for the examination. Before they knew it, the sky had darkened.

    “Let’s eat,” Bian JinYuan said, “Are dumplings okay?”

    “Sure,” Lu YunFei wasn’t picky about food.

    At his agreement, Bian JinYuan took some dumplings from the fridge and headed out to make food. Of course, Lu YunFei naturally accompanied him.

    The yard was quiet, as most of the people had headed home for new year. The landlord was also old and had gone to their son’s place to celebrate new year. The rest who hadn’t gone home couldn’t be bothered to make food, and so it was only Bian JinYuan alone in the yard.

    He added water twice and waited for the dumplings to float. Seeing as they were almost done, he scooped one out and brought it to Lu YunFei’s lips, “Try it, see if it’s ready.”

    Lu YunFei blew on the dumpling on his chopsticks before taking a bite. The dumpling was still scalding hot, and he chewed as he said, “It’s ready.”

    At his acknowledgement, Bian JinYuan brought the other half of the dumpling to his mouth. Lu YunFei opened his mouth and ate it. The rest of the dumpling wasn’t as hot anymore, and so he could better taste it.

    Bian JinYuan watched as he ate from his chopsticks and couldn’t help but remember a past when his aunt’s husband was still alive. He would be in charge of cooking for almost every meal. Even though his small aunt would help out, he was mostly the one who would prepare their meals. After the meals were done, he would pick up food with a pair of chopsticks to let his small aunt try them. If his small aunt said it was delicious, the food would be served. If his small aunt commented that it was too bland, he would add more salt.

    He couldn’t help himself as he moved closer to Lu YunFei and gently kissed him.

    Lu YunFei raised his brows at him, as if not understanding why he was suddenly kissed.

    Bian JinYuan just smiled and didn’t explain. He looked at Lu YunFei, his heart as if it were honey warmed by the sun. He thought, in the future, he would also have that. He and Lu YunFei would have a home, where he would be in charge of cooking, while Lu YunFei would be in charge of taste-testing the food. If he found it good, they would serve it. If he didn’t like it, then he would adjust the saltiness.

    At this thought, he felt incredibly fortunate. He put out the fire but wasn’t in a hurry to scoop the dumplings out. Instead, he reached out to hug Lu YunFei in an embrace.

    Lu YunFei was puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing,” Bian JinYuan placed his chin on his shoulder and said softly, “I just like you so much.”

    Lu YunFei hugged him back and smiled, “I like you too.”

    Bian JinYuan was taken aback. He looked down at the person in his embrace, “Then, you’re no longer trying it out?”

    He hadn’t forgotten what Lu YunFei had said when he accepted it; he had said that he was willing to give it a try.

    Lu YunFei hadn’t thought that he would remember it, and he said laughingly, “The trial was a success.”

    Bian JinYuan smiled and hugged him tightly once more.

    Lu YunFei hugged him as well, and couldn’t resist smiling in his embrace.

    Lu YunFei felt that the philosophical saying of practice as the criterion of truth was accurate. At least, his practice was successful.

    When it was time for bed at night, Lu YunFei squeezed next to Bian JinYuan as usual. Lu YunFei wasn’t sleepy yet, and laid on his side to chat with Bian JinYuan, who placed his arms around him in an embrace as he listened to him talk. Before they went to sleep, Bian JinYuan kissed him, “A good night kiss.”

    Lu YunFei thus returned a good night kiss to him.

    The both of them slept soundly that night.

    The next morning, Bian JinYuan naturally woke early. Lu YunFei was still fast asleep curled up against him. An arm hugged him while a leg pinned his below, and his head was buried between his neck and shoulder.

    Bian JinYuan looked at the person in his arms and bent his head to kiss the side of his face.

    Lu YunFei didn’t notice it as he continued to sleep with his head buried in his arms.

    Bian JinYuan chuckled softly and, emboldened, carefully laid kisses onto him.

    His kisses were so soft that they did not wake Lu YunFei who was sound asleep. It was only until Bian JinYuan kissed his mouth when Lu YunFei subconsciously opened his mouth. In that moment, lips and teeth touched.

    Bian JinYuan quickly pulled back, his heart beating fast as he looked anxiously at Lu YunFei.

    It was a good thing that Lu YunFei was still asleep. Bian JinYuan breathed out in relief and no longer dared to do anything more other than to quietly hold the person in his arms.

    Lu YunFei woke up naturally, and completely wasn’t aware that he had been kissed numerous times while he was asleep. He rubbed his eyes and greeted Bian JinYuan blearily, “Good morning Bian Bian.”

    “Morning,” Bian JinYuan replied softly.

    “When did you wake?”

    “Slightly earlier than you.”

    Lu YunFei believed him and snuggled up against him. Bian JinYuan pulled the blanket around them and hugged him tightly, “Cold?”

    “No, I just thought that you’d be warmer.”

    “Then stay here for a while,” he said softly.

    Lu YunFei nodded. He had no intention of getting up from bed anyway.

    The both of them started chatting once again until Lu YunFei found himself hungry, and so he said to Bian JinYuan, “Let’s get up, I’m hungry.”

    “Then, before we get up from bed, could I have a good morning kiss?” Bian JinYuan asked.

    Lu YunFei found that as a romantic partner, he was quite a clingy person who liked kissing and hugging. It was as if he was the complete opposite of his usual demeanor. However, he was his boyfriend after all, so he had to spoil him. Thus, Lu YunFei generously gave him a kiss.

    “Is that alright?”

    Bian JinYuan nodded, “I’ve got to return the favour, I’ll give you one too.”

    As he said this, he went closer to Lu YunFei and said softly, “Could we try making out?”

    Lu YunFei didn’t even have time to be surprised when he found himself kissed.

    His eyes went wide as he looked at Bian JinYuan. Seeing him in that state, Bian JinYuan stopped and lowered his head to laugh.

    Lu YunFei was aggravated by his embarrassment, “What are you laughing at!”

    “Nothing, I just felt that you were a little cute just now.”

    “You’re the cute one!” Lu YunFei retorted.

    Bian JinYuan smiled as he nodded, as if accepting his words, “Thank you for your compliment.”

    Lu YunFei…

    Lu YunFei pushed him angrily, “Are we still kissing or not?”

    Bian JinYuan held his hand and cajoled, “Kissing. Listen, close your eyes.”

    Lu YunFei had no intention to agree to close his eyes at this point. He stubbornly said, “You close your eyes.”

    Bian JinYuan looked at his embarrassed and piqued face, and felt that the person in front of him was so cute. He lifted his hand to cover his eyes and kissed him.

    This was a novel experience for Lu YunFei. It felt like he had entered the water with a “bang” before a leisure swim, or like multiple fireworks bursting one after another.

    Lu YunFei tried to match his kiss, and reluctantly bit at his lower lip as they parted ways. It wasn’t a hard bite, but it was seductive, and so when Bian JinYuan parted for a bit, he went back in for another kiss.

    Ultimately, the both of them were young men. With the curious exploration of something new, and with the feelings that they held for each other, they continued kissing again and again, until Bian JinYuan realised that unconsciously, the arrow was hitched onto the bow. It was only then that he stopped and gently hugged Lu YunFei.

    Lu YunFei felt the hand covering his eyes leave and slowly opened his eyes to see Bian JinYuan smile at him. He wanted to ask him why they had stopped kissing, but the words were not even out of his mouth when he noticed the little secret between the both of them. Lu YunFei then realised that they were at an age of vigor. Kissing so much first thing in the morning was just continuously poking at the edge of danger!

    And so he said severely, “No more kissing today!”

    Bian JinYuan was surprised, “The entire day?”

    Lu YunFei nodded.

    Bian JinYuan pretended to be hurt, “So cruel?”

    Lu YunFei continued to nod his head.

    Bian JinYuan blinked his eyes and said softly, “Can gege bear it?”

    Lu YunFei…

    Lu YunFei steeled his heart, “Yes I can! I can super bear it.”

    Bian JinYuan could only express pitifully, “Then I’ll listen to gege.”

    Lu YunFei…

    Lu YunFei felt that his boyfriend could really act!

    After the morning kiss, Bian JinYuan got out of bed to prepare a meal for Lu YunFei. He was afraid that Lu YunFei would be hungry, and so he found a box of yoghurt and biscuits for him to snack on while he went to wash the ingredients.

    Lu YunFei watched him prepare food. His actions were so amazing that he couldn’t help but praise him.

    Lu YunFei was so satisfied after the meal that he took the opportunity when Bian JinYuan was washing dishes to kiss him.

    Bian JinYuan turned to look at him and laughed, “Didn’t you say no more kissing today?”

    “That was for you, not for me,” Lu YunFei stated as a matter-of-fact.

    Bian JinYuan’s smile widened. He lowered his head to press his forehead against Lu YunFei’s and asked gently, “Then could you kiss me again?”

    Lu YunFei found his words and tone to be coquettish, so sweet until his heart was about to melt. He smiled and lifted his hands to hold Bian JinYuan’s face as he unhesitatingly kissed him a few times.

    “Not just one kiss, but many,” Lu YunFei hugged him and said happily.

    After washing dishes, Bian JinYuan started to accompany Lu YunFei to work on papers. As they worked on them, the phone rang. Bian JinYuan picked up his phone to find that it was Yuan Shuo calling.

    “Hello,” he said as he answered the multiple choice questions.

    On the other end, Yuan Shuo hemmed and hawed before finally saying, “Jin Jin, your grandfather and grandmother would like to meet you. Would you be free tomorrow?”

    Bian JinYuan…

    Yuan Shuo immediately explained, “I didn’t tell them on purpose. But they wanted to match make me over the new year. When I wanted to visit you, they thought that I had someone and pressed me on who it was. If I didn’t tell them, they would have found out on their own, and so I had to come clean.”

    Bian JinYuan…

    “I’ve already told them what you want. Don’t worry, they won’t bother you. They just want to meet you. Would you be okay with that? You don’t have to meet them if you don’t want to.”

    As Yuan Shuo said this, Bian JinYuan heard a voice from the background on the other end, “How could you say that, what do you mean that not meeting is okay!” “Who else would say that to a child. Give me the phone, I’ll talk to him.”

    Bian JinYuan…

    Bian JinYuan thought that meeting was inevitable, and so it didn’t make a difference if it occurred earlier or later, “We can meet, but not tomorrow. The day after.”

    “Really! That’s great. Dad will buy you a present for when we meet.”

    And then, as the voices in the background said, “Let me talk to the child” “Grandma will also buy you a present” the phone call ended.

    Bian JinYuan… Sigh!

    He let out a heavy sigh.

    Lu YunFei asked, “Who are you meeting?”

    “My cheap father’s parents, also known as my cheap grandfather and grandmother.”

    Lu YunFei dragged out his “Oh”, “So that was them.”

    Bian JinYuan eyed him sideways, “What was that tone for?”

    “Nothing,” Lu YunFei smiled, “I just felt that Bian Bian you’re so nice and gentle.”

    Bian JinYuan shook his head, “I didn’t mind, so since they wanted to meet we’d meet. In any case it wouldn’t’ affect me much.”

    “That’s still being gentle,” Lu YunFei said.

    Bian JinYuan looked at him, and suddenly broke into a smile. Forget it, it was good that Lu YunFei thought that he was gentle. As long as he liked it he was fine.

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