After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 009

[Chapter 009] Don’t treat this small device like it’s not part of the family!

As Lu YunFei worried about this, the bell rang for morning reading. Luckily, today’s morning reading was for Language#, and so Lu YunFei spiritedly recited with the class,

I lift my drink and sing a song, for who knows if one’s life is short or long?
Man’s life is like the morning dew, past days many future days few.
The melancholy my heart begets, comes from cares I cannot forget.
Who can unravel these sorrows of mine, I know of only one man, the God of Wine.

After reciting classic poems for half an hour, Lu YunFei and Li YuanQing hooked their arms over each other’s shoulders as they headed to the gym, ready to do their morning exercises.

Li YuanQing asked him, “Did the sports representative look for you? When I entered the classroom this morning, that Little Fatty+ was virtually hugging my thigh, crying for me to register for an event. I was so startled I almost spilled my hulatang.

“So did you sign up for any?”

“I did. Little Fatty may not have hugged my thigh, but he did hug my waist. I was almost buried in his chest, I didn’t dare not sign up.”

“What did you sign up for?”

“4 x 100 relay.”

“Just the one?”

“Fei, after the sports festival we’ll be playing basketball with Zhāng Lǎng, I’ve got to conserve energy.”

Lu YunFei heard this and clasped his fist, “Oh yea, why didn’t I think of this. YuanQing, I want to discuss something with you.”

Li YuanQing looked at him suspiciously, “Why do I get the feeling that your words harbour bad intentions?”

“How would I? You’re my buddy. Here, listen to what I have to say,” Lu YunFei moved closer to him, “Don’t join this basketball game. If we win we’ll take you along for our treat. If we lose you won’t have to fork out money. I intend to get Bian JinYuan to join this game.”

“Who?” Li YuanQing thought he had misheard, “Who’re you talking about? Am I hallucinating? You’ve only moved your seats for a few days and already you’ve replaced your love, you only see the smiles of your new love and no longer care about how your abandoned love cries!”

“Wife, you’re overthinking it. I just thought of Bian JinYuan’s special family circumstances and wanted to help him out.” 

“What’s special about his family situation?” Li YuanQing didn’t understand. 

“This is a matter pertaining to other people, I can’t just tell you. Bian JinYuan is someone who has some pride, how would he simply let other people know about it.”

“So he wasn’t embarrassed to tell you?”

Lu YunFei thought in his heart, this wasn’t a matter of embarrassment, it was unavoidable. I’m now a member of his family! Don’t treat this small device like it’s not part of the family!

“Anyway that’s how it is. You can practise with us as usual, just don’t play during the game.”

“You’re so certain that Bian JinYuan will agree?”

“Of course,” Lu YunFei was confident, “Who am I? He has a debt to repay me, would he dare to reject my request?”

“Who was the one who called it helping others without expectations? Was it you Fei?”

“It definitely wasn’t me,” Lu YunFei waved both hands, “I’m so sharp, I wouldn’t have said anything that disadvantages me.”

Li YuanQing laughed, “Sure.”

“Hey,” Lu YunFei bumped into him, “You can come over ten minutes before the competition ends, I’ll let you play for ten minutes.”


“Wouldn’t you like that?” Lu YunFei bumped him again.

Sure enough, after they were done with their exercises and returned to the classroom, the sports representative Little Fatty came up to them.

The sports representative looked at the expressionless Bian JinYuan, and then looked at the smiling Lu YunFei, and approached Lu YunFei without hesitation, wailing: “Lu YunFei! Look at how great your physical education grade is, please sign up for an event! Please sign up for one!”

Lu YunFei had already decided to register, since he quite liked sports festivals, so he didn’t make things difficult for Little Fatty, “Then I’ll sign up for the 4 x 100 metres relay and the boys 100 metres.”

“Sure sure sure,” little fatty was so happy that his eyes almost disappeared, and quickly jotted in his book. He then looked at Bian JinYuan, “What about you, classmate Bian?”

“I don’t have time,” Bian JinYuan said.

Lu YunFei had occupied his Tmall Genie for two days and also knew that Bian JinYuan really had no time. Apart from studies, he also had to work at his part-time job. Naturally he was busier than students who only needed to worry about their studies.

Little Fatty was still persuading him, “Just sign up for one, one is enough.”

Bian JinYuan lowered his head to write on his worksheets and didn’t answer.

Lu YunFei saw that Little Fatty was quite pitiful, and so he initiated, “Go ask someone else first, if there aren’t any takers for an event then, come find me. If I can participate in it, I will. If I can’t, then get teacher Li to assign people. You’re also doing this for the class, so don’t worry too much about it. If there really aren’t any takers, just get teacher Li to assign them.”

Hearing this, Little Fatty looked at him in embarrassment and said in a low voice, “I just don’t want to disturb the teacher.”

“There’s no helping it,” Lu YunFei said, “You’re also aware, the sports festival has always been the case where there are more spectators than participants.”

Little Fatty nodded his head, then smiled at him, “Thank you Lu YunFei.”

“You’re welcome,” Lu YunFei said.

Little Fatty then left his desk to ask if anyone wanted to participate.

Lu YunFei turned towards Bian JinYuan who was still working on questions, and moved closer to ask, “Deskmate, do you know how to play basketball?”

Bian JinYuan stopped writing at this, and calmly said, “Yes.”

“Then can you play well?”

“I’m okay.”

Saying this, he started answering questions again.

Lu YunFei didn’t stop him, and continued asking, “Then could you do me a favour?”

“What?” Bian JinYuan asked.

“Since year one, a few of my friends and some students from another school arrange for a basketball match on the Saturday of the sports festival. But Li YuanQing had something crop up at the last minute, so he can’t go. Would you be able to play with us in his stead? Don’t worry, you won’t be playing for nothing. This basketball match has a prize. If we win, you get 5,000.”

Bian JinYuan’s pen halted once again.

He almost couldn’t believe it, “5,000? That much?”

Is it considered much? Lu YunFei thought that it was quite a small amount. 5,000 wasn’t even enough for Bian JinYuan to spend, he actually wanted to add another zero to the number. However, Bian JinYuan is the type of person who looks to have some pride. If he were to loan him money, he probably wouldn’t accept. It was probably better to slowly think of another way.

“Is it considered a lot?” Lu YunFei intentionally asked, “We’re just playing for fun. The prize isn’t the main thing, the main thing is who wins. It’ll be too embarrassing if we lose, wouldn’t it?”

Bian JinYuan looked at him, “Then what happens if you lose?”

Each loser has to give the winner five thousand. But he couldn’t tell him that, otherwise Bian JinYuan would give it a hard pass — even though he wouldn’t let Bian JinYuan pay up, but Bian JinYuan was someone who probably wouldn’t allow anyone to pay the penalty for him.

“The losing team doesn’t get the prize money,” Lu YunFei changed the topic, “Don’t think about losing, you’ve got to think about winning, then we will definitely win.”

Bian JinYuan twirled his pen, “Meaning, the game sets the prize for each winner as 5,000. Whichever team wins takes the prize, am I right?”

“Right right right,” Lu YunFei quickly replied.

Bian JinYuan considered it for a while.

Lu YunFei urged him, “Just join us, otherwise my team won’t have enough players and will lose in the game. What’s that phrase, a drop of water given in need, shall be repaid with a gushing spring. Classmate Bian, it’s time for your spring to gush now.”

“Didn’t my spring already gush the last time?” Bian JinYuan turned to look at him.

Lu YunFei spread his hands out, a face of innocence, and said, “Did you? I didn’t copy off you for spelling, I only compared my answers to yours, nothing more.”

Bian JinYuan smiled, what a stretch of logic.

However, he didn’t have anything to lose in this matter, and so it wasn’t like he couldn’t, “I agree.”

“I just knew it, classmate Bian is so superb and definitely someone who knows what gratitude is!”

Bian JinYuan looked at him and didn’t say anything.

Quack Notes

# Okay I didn’t make a note before but it’s been bugging me. ‘Language’ is a vague translation of 语文, but the definition of this subject seems to encompass both the Chinese language and Literature. I don’t know how it’s taught in school though, it seems weird to combine them, the equivalent is like learning grammar and pronunciation while critically analysing Shakespeare in one class I suppose?! How.

+ Honest to god I literally searched for nicer synonyms for ‘fatty’ to no avail. I’d like to note that it’s a very Chinese thing – especially in older generations – to throw the term around a lot when referring to people, so it’s often used as nicknames. It’s not meant to be as degrading or humiliating as in Western culture, it’s more a matter-of-fact kind of thing.

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