After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 028

[Chapter 028] A small peach blossom#

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Bian JinYuan smiled and replied, “Then I’d really be too busy.”

He looked at Lu YunFei, “Anyway that’s how it is. We’ll talk about the rest after the monthly exams are over.”

“Why wait till after the monthly exams, you’re simply trying to reject me in a roundabout way.”

“Won’t you just believe in yourself at a time like this?”

Lu YunFei sighed in exasperation, “Classmate Bian, do you know what’s important in life? It’s to know one’s limitations. Wouldn’t I have an understanding of my level of English?”

This acknowledgement was too saddening. Bian JinYuan encouraged, “Perhaps you could believe in me.”

“Believe that you’re adamant in not becoming my tutor? I believe it.”

Bian JinYuan chuckled. He looked at Lu YunFei’s bitter and annoyed expression and decided to end this conversation.

“Didn’t you want me to mark the mock questions on the fourth page? Hand it to me.”

Lu YunFei thought inwardly, mark the questions? How would he have the mood to have his answers marked. Was it that embarrassing to become his tutor that he had to reject him in this manner? Lu YunFei gloomily handed over the booklet while pondering if he should try another tactic since this approach had failed.

He had barely thought of another tactic when he saw Bian JinYuan push the booklet back to him and point to two questions, “These two are incorrect.”

Lu YunFei immediately brought his attention to the booklet. He scrutinised it for a long time before questioning, “How were they wrong?”

Bian JinYuan had never explained a question to anyone before in all his years. This was normal as he had never been sociable. A normal person would find it hard to approach him.

However this didn’t prove to be an issue, as he actually had talent in this area. Lu YunFei listened carefully and quickly understood the answer, “So what’s asked here is not the structure, but its inherent meaning, ‘in’ is used as a preposition.”

“That’s right,” Bian JinYuan said.

“You can use this to combine the sentence,” Bian JinYuan said as he swiftly wrote another four sentences, “it’s explained better in these four examples – the first two ask for adjoining phrases, so you should use ‘on’. These other two ask for its inherent meaning, so it should be paired with ‘in’.”

Lu YunFei nodded, “I understand.”

“Then let’s see how you solve these four,” Bian JinYuan said as he wrote another four sentences out.

Lu YunFei expressed his surprise, “Don’t you need to think about it, the sentences are simply flowing out of your fingertips.”

“If you’re able to match the level of your English vocabulary to your Language vocabulary, then you can definitely overcome the barrier to passing.”

Lu YunFei thought that this was a pipe dream. He looked at the four sentences on the paper and thought carefully, “Apart from the third one which is ‘in’, the rest are ‘on’, am I correct?”

“Not bad, looks like you’ve got the hang of it. Next let’s take a look at…”

While Lu YunFei eagerly learned about phrases, a discussion thread appeared on the school forum.

《Rare sighting! Study god Bian actually explains questions to someone!》

OP: What the fuck!!! It’s our year!! I had always thought that the aloof study god Bian would never explain questions to anyone. After all, he had always ignored all the girls who had asked him, saying he had no time. Who would have thought that he would explain questions to someone!!!

Say I’m first place: I’m sitting in the front row eating melon seeds.

Still so many days till the holidays: Who did the male god explain to? Who has such audacity.

Braised ribs: I’m blindly guessing that it’s Lu YunFei, wasn’t it in the bag-carrying thread where someone exposed that he had given him spelling?

Friendly banter: That was my thread!!!!! If it’s really Lu YunFei, I’ll be losing a million!!!

I’m OP: Poster above, it’s harsh but the truth is that it was Lu YunFei.

Friendly banter: Aaaah!!!!! Who is the bastard @a deer bleats! Come out I swear I won’t beat you to death!!

Lu YunFei sneezed, causing Bian JinYuan to raise his head to look at him. Lu YunFei replied, “It’s nothing, continue.”

Meanwhile, the thread continued to trend.

Ruby ear studs: I don’t believe it, show us a picture.

I’m OP: Don’t dare, don’t want to die, thanks.

A frog leaps into the pond: Take a sneak shot!

I’m OP: I can’t, you take it if you can.

A frog leaps into the pond: …

Jasmine: So it means that Bian JinYuan and Lu YunFei are on friendly terms?

I’m OP: Should be, it’s not like we’ve seen the study god explain questions to anyone else.

Trigonometric odd functions change but even functions remain unchanged: Could it be that the study god doesn’t explain questions to girls but it’s okay for guys.

I’m OP: Come young man, here’s the stage, you try.

Trigonometric odd functions change but even functions remain unchanged: Too bad, I’m also a girl.

As the discussion thread continued on, Jasmine clutched her phone tightly, looking at the reply by the original poster.

Lu YunFei’s morning was filled with classes, writing papers, and English memorisation. Bian JinYuan had even given him a spelling test, frightening him to the point where he had almost written the answers down wrongly.

“I’d have thought that you would be used to having spelling tests conducted everyday now,” Bian JinYuan said calmly.

“No such thing as getting used to it, it will never be possible.”

Bian JinYuan thought that his English PTSD was quite strong and could only encourage him, “Good luck.”

In the afternoon, Bian JinYuan left the classroom to head to his part-time job as usual. Lu YunFei, Wen MingYi, and Li YuanQing continued to search for his part-time work place after eating their meals.

They calculated that if they still had not found him in the three days it took to search the milk tea dessert shops around the school, then they would start looking around the shopping district.

At 1.40pm, Lu YunFei arrived back at school first without having found anything. It was the first time he felt that there were a lot of alleyways here.

As he prepared to enter the classroom, he suddenly heard someone call his name. Lu YunFei turned his head to see a girl he didn’t recognise.

The girl looked pretty with her oval face and delicate eyes. The corners of her lips curved gently upwards, exuding an air of gentleness. Lu YunFei noticed that she wore her hair down. Yi Zhong high school didn’t have strict regulations regarding attire, such as mandating that girls keep short hair, but it still didn’t allow hair to be worn loose. Girls with long hair were supposed to tie it up in a ponytail or a bun.

With how things were, Lu YunFei felt that the girl before him probably wanted to look prettier in front of him.

He walked over to her and asked, “You know me?”

The girl nodded, “You’re quite popular in school.”

This was the truth. After all, his looks and smarts served him, and with a little polish, he’d basically be someone popular.

“What were you looking for me for?” Lu YunFei asked.

The girl thought for a bit and bit her lip in embarrassment as she asked in a small voice, “You’re deskmates with Bian JinYuan now yes?”

Lu YunFei had a guess as to what this was about.

Quack Notes

# Peach blossoms symbolise sparks of, or luck in love!

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