After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 020

[Chapter 020] Bian JinYuan loathes aunt Jiang Fang

Jiang Fang was a middle-aged woman who dressed up. She had wavy hair, high heels, and gold jewellery accessorising her arms and neck.

Zhao YuPeng saw that his mother was here and pushed Bian JinYuan away to run to hug her while crying. He wailed while complaining to her.

Jiang Fang saw how pitifully her son cried and furiously said, “Bian JinYuan, what’s this about? Is there such a gege like you? To spank a didi, do you have the right?”

Lu YunFei sneered while thinking, he wasn’t as great as your son who already knows how to steal someone else’s cake, and even maligned other people’s didi.

Bian Jie may possesss a gentle personality, but she had always protected Bian JinYuan, and expressed, “Xiao Yuan wouldn’t spank him without cause, there definitely must have been a reason.”

“What reason? No matter the reason he shouldn’t have raised his hands towards Peng Peng. Look at how old he is and how old Peng Peng is. Fine if he doesn’t let Peng Peng have his way, but he still went to bully Peng Peng! I don’t care, he should apologise to Peng Peng!”

Shuang Shuang huffily ran over to Bian JinYuan’s side and exclaimed to Jiang Fang, “Peng Peng gege smashed the cake.”

“How much is a cake worth? I’ll just compensate you with money. Bian JinYuan, apologise to my son.”

“True, a slice of cake isn’t worth much,” Bian JinYuan said calmly, “But what your son lacks isn’t money, but discipline.”

Bian JinYuan walked to stand in front of Jiang Fang and stonily said, “Why did I spank him? Because he’s never been disciplined. Firstly, as a guest, he didn’t follow instructions and even tried to take Shuang Shuang’s stuff. Secondly, after I said that the cake wasn’t for him, he tried to steal it. Thirdly, after he stole the cake and Shuang Shuang tried to stop him, resulting in the cake being smashed, he tried to pin the blame on Shuang Shuang. If you don’t want to teach him, then now that he’s in my house, I’ll help you to teach him, so as to prevent an unruly boy growing up a delinquent who breaks the laws.”

Jiang Fang laughed in anger, “Your house? Is this even your house? This is my ge’s house! The Jiang’s house!”

“This is his house!” Bian Jie shouted, “Jiang Fang, be careful what you say, don’t force me to chase you out!”

“Where did I say wrong, isn’t he…”

Bian Jie stepped forward and cut her off, pushing her outside.

“You’re out of your mind!” Jiang Fang screamed as she retaliated against Bian Jie, “Look at your sorry state, yet you’re still protecting him!”

“It’s none of your business!”

Bian JinYuan thought that Jiang Fang and Jiang Jian were very repetitive. Of course he knew that he wasn’t Bian Jie’s blood-related son. When he moved into Bian Jie’s house, he was already eight years old. He constantly referred to her as ‘small aunt’, knowing that he was not her child. There was no need to perpetually bring this up, he himself knew this very clearly. But so what? He and Bian Jie shared a common relative; they were both his mother’s family, so they were each other’s family.

Of course, someone like Jiang Fang would never understand it.

Bian JinYuan stepped forward and pulled Bian Jie over, and then pushed Jiang Fang out. Jiang Fang wasn’t able to withstand his force. Zhao YuPeng wanted to help his mum, but when Bian JinYuan turned back to shoot him a look, he didn’t dare move.

Bian JinYuan dragged Jiang Fang outside and said coldly, “Discipline your son properly. If he dares to act like he did today the next time he visits, then I don’t mind helping you to discipline him. You’re welcome.”

“You…” Jiang Fang pointed at him, “You’re not human!”

“I’m not as bad as you.”

“Bian Jie, can’t you control your nephew!”

Bian Jie looked at her and softly advised, “Ah Fang, you’re an adult while he’s only a child. What are you doing arguing with a child.”

“This is a child? What kind of child is so disrespectful!”

Bian Jie smiled, “Our Xiao Yuan is quite obedient.”

Jiang Fang was rendered speechless in anger, “I see, you’re protecting him. Fine, looks like you’ve also gotten arrogant. Bian Jie, now that my ge is dead, it seems that you no longer think of us as relatives anymore.”

“Of course not,” Bian Jie denied, “Ah Fang, I was just saying that there’s no need to argue with kids. It’s getting dark, you and Peng Peng should go home.”

“He still hasn’t apologised to Peng Peng, we’re not going home until he does!”

Bian JinYuan couldn’t be bothered to deal with her. He turned around to push Zhao YuPeng out the door and then closed it shut.

Jiang Fang froze in shock, and Bian Jie was also surprised, “Xiao Yuan, I don’t think that was a good thing to do?”

“Don’t worry,” Bian JinYuan said.“Gege, school bag,” Shuang Shuang pointed towards the sofa.

It was then when Bian JinYuan noticed that Zhao YuPeng’s school bag was still on the sofa.

Jiang Fang had started to slap against the door, shouting as she did so, “Bian Jie you open the door, what’s this, open the door.”

She was too noisy, and caused the other households in the yard to peer out of their doors in curiosity.

Bian JinYuan opened the door and shot a chilling look at Jiang Fang. Taken by surprise, Jiang Fang’s hand stopped in mid-air.

Bian JinYuan tossed the school bag outside, “Take this and go, try not to visit us next time.”

After saying that, he shut the door.

This time, Jiang Fang didn’t bang against the door again. She handed the school bag to her son, wavered for a bit, and then pulled him out of the place.

Zhao YuPeng asked her, “Are we going home?”


“But mummy, my butt hurts.”

Jiang Fang felt sympathetic and exasperated, “I already told you not to aggravate him. He’s an unlucky star, an ill omen. Whoever gets close to him becomes unlucky. Steer clear away from him next time.”

Zhao YuPeng rubbed his butt, pitifully replying, “Oh.”

Lu YunFei found this huge drama to be very entertaining. No wonder his mother loved watching family drama shows. Unruly children need to be disciplined. Otherwise if their mistakes weren’t corrected while they’re young, did they want them to grow up to break laws?

However, Lu YunFei thought of how Jiang Fang told Bian JinYuan, “Your house? Is this even your house?”, and felt angry. What kind of relatives were the Jiang family, Jiang Jian wanted Bian Jie to remarry, while Jiang Fang dared to address Bian Jie without honorifics, and called Bian JinYuan an unlucky star while looking down on how he didn’t have a home. What trash.

Bian JinYuan didn’t take all these to heart. He picked up the cake and threw it in the bin, and then prepared to mop the floor.

Bian Jie held the mop handle still and said to him, “Please don’t take to heart what your aunt said just now.”

Bian JinYuan smiled, “When have I ever taken these to heart? Don’t worry small aunt , I’m not a child anymore.”

Bian Jie was relieved, “But Xiao Yuan, if Shuang Shuang did something wrong, you have a right as his brother to spank him. Peng Peng isn’t a child of this household. You spanking him wasn’t warranted.”

“If he did something wrong, then someone ought to discipline him. I wouldn’t have cared less if he hadn’t done what he did at our house. But he did, so I had a right to discipline him. Zhao YuPeng and I are not relatives, I don’t have to care about him.”

“However doing this will make you become the talk of other people.”

“I don’t care,” Bian JinYuan said indifferently, “Alright small aunt, I want to mop the floor.”

Bian Jie had no choice but to let go of the mop. She watched him bring the mop over to the front of the fridge and mop up the cream.

Bian Jie looked at his side profile and thought of her elder sister. She remembered the time when Bian Ting had come home pregnant. She had looked at Bian Ting in surprise, “where’s the baby’s father?”

Bian Ting had only replied, “He’s no longer here.”

“Are you going to keep it?”

“Yep,” Bian Ting smiled and said.

“But you’re not married. If you give birth to the child, what are other people going to think? Are you going to get married?”

At that time, Bian Ting had calmly stated, “I don’t care what other people think of me. Whether I get married or not is up to luck.”

He’s really like her jiejie, Bian Jie thought, but also sometimes not. Bian Jie looked at her nephew and thought that the person that her jiejie had chosen was probably someone impressive. That was why their son could be so outstanding, he was still quite young, and yet he could already hold his own.

If his parents were still in the picture, they would probably have given him a better environment. Unlike herself, who could only burden him.

She felt sorry for her nephew. She turned around to exit out the door to continue washing the last piece of clothing.

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