After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 064

[Chapter 064] “What a coincidence, I also won’t let you feel wronged.”

    “Then go get changed.”

    Bian JinYuan had no choice but to start changing his clothes. As he was about to remove his sweater, he suddenly noticed something and looked at Lu YunFei, “Are you just going to stand there and watch?”

    Lu YunFei was confused, “If not? We’re all boys here. You’re not a girl, so can’t I watch?”

    Bian JinYuan: …

    Bian JinYuan thought: Fine, he can watch if he wants to.

    And so he calmly started to change his clothes. As Lu YunFei watched, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Your body looks quite good.”

    “Better than yours?”

    How could Lu YunFei admit to that, “Of course not, we each have our own charms.”

    Bian JinYuan laughed and looked at him fondly.

    After he changed into the outfit, Lu YunFei took a look and snapped some photos on his phone, and then pressed another set of clothes for him to change into. Bian JinYuan saw the excitement in his eyes and suddenly thought about a particular type of game popular with girls, “Am I Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen?”

    “You still know about Love Nikki huh,” Lu YunFei smiled, “You’re not, you’re Love Bian Bian#.”

    “Let’s go eat first, you have to work on English later on.”

    “Let’s go after you change into this,” Lu YunFei urged, “Quickly quickly.”

    Bian JinYuan could only change into another outfit to satisfy player Lu YunFei’s request.

    Lu YunFei felt that this outfit also looked good on him, and decided to gift him the two sets of clothes, “Let’s go eat.”

    Tonight, Bian JinYuan brought two sets of clothes home. He initially didn’t want to, but at Lu YunFei’s insistence bordering on whining, Bian JinYuan had no choice but to fulfil the wishes of this RMB player. He even wore one of the outfits to school the next day.

    Lu YunFei was incredibly happy to see that his Love Bian Bian had worn his clothes, and instantly understood why girls loved these dress up games. As he prepared to head for morning exercises after morning reading, he heard Li Li call him and Bian JinYuan over. Lu YunFei was puzzled, and asked her when he went over with Bian JinYuan, “What’s up, teacher Li?”

    “Du Xin is crying in the staff office,” Li Li said, “she claimed that you and Bian JinYuan bullied her.”

    Lu YunFei: … Isn’t this a case of the bad guy complaining first!

    “She was the one who started saying mean things first, and even started getting physical.”

    “Let’s explain this at the staff office,” Li Li said, “she’s still there.”


    Lu YunFei glanced at Bian JinYuan and headed to the staff office with him.

    No one other than Du Xin sat in the staff office, her eyes red-rimmed.

    Li Li closed the door and let Lu YunFei and Bian JinYuan take a seat, while she sat opposite them, “Alright, just what had happened?”

    “He bullied me,” Du Xin said through tears.

    Lu YunFei “heh”-ed, “Who started scolding first? Who moved first? Was it you, student Du Xin?”

    “What I said was the truth.”

    “Then what Bian JinYuan said was also the truth.”

    “He was obviously trying to embarrass me.”

    Lu YunFei couldn’t be bothered to beat around the bush with her and got straight to the point, “He wouldn’t have retorted if you hadn’t said all those words in the first place. Starting something by saying mean things and getting slammed back, how are you so capable.”

    “I’m capable? How could I be as capable as you, you’re so skilled in bullying girls!”

    “Don’t,” Lu YunFei quickly said, “Don’t pin such a big hat on me, I can’t wear it.”

    Du Xin looked at him as her tears continued to fall.

    “So, what happened yesterday was that Du Xin started the fight with words, and then Bian JinYuan scolded her back. When she later started to be physical, you both also got physical?”

    “It wasn’t that serious,” Lu YunFei explained, “She threw water at Bian JinYuan and I couldn’t let that go, so I splashed her back.”

    “He poured an entire tub of water on me!” Du Xin said furiously, “Teacher Li, no matter what I did, he shouldn’t have had thrown water on me in front of so many people. I’ve completely lost face, he should apologise to me.”

    “I wasn’t the one to start throwing water. If you hadn’t made the first throw, would I have splashed you?”

    “I only threw a cup of water at him, and he even dodged that.”

    “And that was because you made the first move, wasn’t it?”

    “Lu YunFei, do you think I can’t go up against you!”

    “What do you want to do?” Lu YunFei said frostily, “Are you trying to threaten me?”

    “Teacher,” Du Xin looked at Li Li and sobbed, “look at him,”

    Li Li’s head ached. She really didn’t know why so many issues cropped up unendingly around Du Xin ever since she rose to this class, with each issue involving Bian JinYuan.

    “Du Xin,” Li Li advised, “This situation can’t be blamed on Lu YunFei’s group. You made the first move and started the fight, they couldn’t possibly have just stood there taking it right? So please don’t be too impulsive next time.”

    Du Xin looked at her in disbelief, “Teacher Li, are you shielding them?”

    “I’m not shielding them,” Li Li said patiently, “You can’t expect them to just take it without retaliating simply because they’re boys. This situation arose because of you and not them.”

    Lu YunFei felt that these words were well-spoken and really wanted to give Li Li a round of applause.

    Du Xin felt that this was preposterous, “I’m the one who suffered here. Teacher Li, you can’t simply side with them just because they have good grades and I’m new.”

    Li Li inwardly wondered just how her claims were related, “I’m not on their side because they have good grades, and even less so because you’re new here. In my eyes, you’re all my students. It is just that this situation wasn’t their fault at all. You played a part in this as well, so if you wish for them to apologise to you, then you’ll need to apologise to them too.”

    “Me apologise? Why should I when the one who got splashed was me! And not them!”

    Li Li saw how she didn’t seem to have any awareness of her wrongdoing and gave up on trying to guide her, stating, “Since it’s like this, then let’s just move on from this. Could you please not dwell on this anymore?”

    Du Xin scoffed, “Teacher Li is so biased.”

    Li Li: …

    Seeing as Li Li wasn’t going to help her, Du Xin picked up her phone to call her father to cry about her unjust treatment by her homeroom teacher. Dù Hào was so incensed that that he told her to pass the phone to Li Li so that he could speak to her directly.

    Li Li was about to pick up the phone when Lu YunFei snatched it over.

    “What are you doing?” Du Xin shouted.

    Lu YunFei dodged her with a long stride of his legs and directed his words to the phone: “I’m Lu YunFei. I poured water on your daughter. She was the one to start a fight and even got physical first, yet she’s treated unjustly? And don’t even try to find our homeroom teacher. Our homeroom teacher can’t afford to deal with you. You can find Lù Xiàng Míng and tell him that his son poured water on your daughter, see what he says.”

    Lu YunFei immediately hung up after saying his piece and tossed the phone back to Du Xin, “Don’t look for your parents for every trouble. You’re seventeen years old, not seven years old. Aren’t you able to solve your problems on your own? As I said, I haven’t even flaunted yet, wait your turn to push your weight around.”

    Du Xin froze.

    It was then when she realised that oh yeah, the Lu family was more powerful than hers. If they were to really compare, Du Xin would definitely not be in Lu YunFei’s radar.

    Lu YunFei saw that both Li Li and Du Xin were silent and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first. Teacher Li, tell me if Du Xin’s father makes trouble for you. This matter doesn’t involve you, let him come to me directly.”

    Li Li: … These words sounded so overbearing.

    She cleared her throat and looked at Bian JinYuan who had been silent the entire time, “Bian JinYuan, do you have anything to add?”

    “Yes,” Bian JinYuan looked at Li Li and finally spoke, “I hate Du Xin. I hope that she can give a wide berth for myself and Lu YunFei. If she tries to harass me again, I hope that you can talk to her parents. Student Du Xin may not care about the college entrance exams in favour of pursuing romance, but I care about the college entrance exams. I also hate being disturbed by others.”

    His words solidified Du Xin’s romantic relationship issue.

    Li Li immediately made a mental note that Du Xin had harboured intentions towards Bian JinYuan. This was a scenario which she had wanted to avoid, and so she guaranteed, “I understand. Let me know the next time Du Xin harasses you, I’ll deal with it.”


    “Then you both should go. I’ll talk to Du Xin here.”

    Bian JinYuan stood up and glanced at Lu YunFei as they left.

    Li Li looked at the girl in front of her, “You like Bian JinYuan?”

    “I don’t.”

    “Then why did you harass him?”

    “I merely wanted to ask him about a question.”

    “Bian JinYuan wouldn’t have said something like this if you were to simply ask him a question. Du Xin, I’ve taught Bian JinYuan for a year and a half and I know what kind of person he is. You definitely pestered him.”

    Du Xin looked back at her and fell silent.

    “Then I hope that you won’t harass him from today onwards,” Li Li said, “the school forbids romantic relationships. If you continue in this manner, you’ll be violating the school rules. Then, apart from reform education, you may even be demoted to your original class.”

    Du Xin froze.

    Li Li further admonished, “I don’t wish to call your parents, nor do I wish to have you cry to your parents that you violated the school rules, and so I wish that you would monitor your actions and stop disturbing Bian JinYuan. It wasn’t easy for you to rise to class one. You don’t wish to go back to class six, do you?”

    Du Xin nodded.

    “Then you had best heed my words.”

    Du Xin felt wronged. Her phone rang and she reached out to pick it up only to hear her father ask, “You had a run in with the Lu boy? Isn’t he known to be a good student in your school’s express class, who scores full marks in Mathematics and the Sciences, and is known to be righteous? How did you clash with someone like him?”

    Du Xin’s tears fell once again, as Du Hao coaxed and comforted her, “Don’t be angry with him. I heard that the Lu family’s boy has a good temper. You just have to talk to him and apologise, he will surely forgive you.”

    Du Xin instantly cried even harder. Why did she have to apologise? Why did her dad want her to apologise? Why couldn’t Lu YunFei apologise to her instead?

    Lu YunFei sneezed with an “achoo”, and Bian JinYuan asked, “Caught a cold?”

    “Nope, probably someone talking bad about me,” he answered, and then said, “maybe Du Xin.”

    “This matter originally had nothing to do with you,” Bian JinYuan said softly.

    Lu YunFei didn’t like hearing it, “Isn’t your problem my problem too, how could it have nothing to do with me.”

    “If you hadn’t thrown water at her, I would’ve done something,” Bian JinYuan stated, “I’m not the type of person who’s gentle and kind. I wouldn’t have let myself be wronged.”

    Lu YunFei looked at him, “What a coincidence, I also won’t let you feel wronged.”

    Bian JinYuan paused for a moment.

    Lu YunFei’s smile was bright as he continued, “And so, don’t be such a stranger.”

Quack Notes

# The Chinese name for the mobile game Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen is奇迹暖暖 (qí jī nuǎn nuǎn), which literally translates to ‘Miracle Nuan Nuan’, where Nuan Nuan / Nikki is the protagonist’s name.  So in actual fact, Lu YunFei had said ‘Miracle Bian Bian’, but I used the English title so it became ‘Love Bian Bian’.

A RMB player is a type of player who spends an excessive amount of money in games to level up or attain achievements instead of using skills or hard work. RMB is short for 人民币 (rén mín bì), which is the currency of China. It’s synonymous with the Chinese yuan. Here, I think Bian JinYuan is just using the term to describe Lu YunFei’s excessive spending.

This is a proverb, 恶人先告状 (è rén xiān gào zhuàng), which is a bit more than what I translated, and means that the person in the wrong goes to plead their case first in order to skew the facts and misrepresent the situation so that the actual victim doesn’t get justice served.

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