After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 019

[Chapter 019] Spanking an unruly child

Zhao YuPeng was a little scared of him, and so he sat back down on the sofa. He snorted in disdain and whispered, “What’s so great about him.”

Shuang Shuang held Bian JinYuan’s hand and asked, “Gege why did you come home so late?”

It would be nice if gege had come home earlier, Shuang Shuang thought. This way Zhao YuPeng wouldn’t have dared to snatch the Tmall Genie from him.

Bian JinYuan rubbed his head and said gently, “Something cropped up at the shop so I came home late. But I brought you cake.”

He showed the cake to Shuang Shuang. Shuang Shuang happily exclaimed, “Cake!”

Lu YunFei felt that Shuang Shuang seemed easy to please. Every time he was angry, it wouldn’t even take five minutes before he got happy.

Zhao YuPeng heard Bian JinYuan’s words and his eyes brightened. He coaxed, “Ge, I’d also like to eat cake.”

Bian JinYuan said coldly, “There’s none for you.”

Zhao YuPeng walked over and wheedled, “Ge, give me some cake to eat. Or I could buy it from you.”

Bian JinYuan ignored him and placed the cake in the fridge. He told Zhao YuPeng, “If you’re not going to sit properly, then get out.”

Zhao YuPeng had no choice but to sit back down reluctantly.

Lu YunFei watched him put the cake in the fridge and felt that it was such a waste. Why put it in the fridge, he should have let Shuang Shuang get a fork and eat it bite by bite in front of Zhao YuPeng, and ask him, “Would you like to eat it? It’s so delicious! Do you really not want a bite?” It would be best if he could chew with a face of enjoyment.

However Shuang Shuang wasn’t Lu YunFei. Seeing that Zhao YuPeng wasn’t bothering him anymore, he sat back down and asked the Tmall Genie to tell him a story.

Bian JinYuan bent down to ask him, “Did Zhao YuPeng bully you?”

“I did not!” Zhao YuPeng interrupted.

“He tried to snatch my Tmall Genie,” Shuang Shuang said softly.

And he intentionally baited him with food! And laughed at how poor Shuang Shuang’s family was! Lu YunFei wanted to complain to Bian JinYuan, but he could only maintain his silence, otherwise his Tmall Genie settings would go down the drain.

Bian JinYuan looked at Zhao YuPeng and warned him, “Steer clear from the Tmall Genie. This is not your home. If you aren’t able to act like a guest, then you can leave.”

Zhao YuPeng muttered, “I wouldn’t even want to come.”

“What did you say?”

Zhao YuPeng thought that he had heard him and was so frightened that he immediately shook his head and became as obedient as a quail.

Bian JinYuan accompanied Shuang Shuang to listen to Lu YunFei tell a story for a bit. Seeing that Zhao YuPeng was quietly watching television, he prepared to help Bian Jie.

Before leaving, he instructed Zhao YuPeng, “Do not go near the Tmall Genie, understood?”

Zhao YuPeng could only nod his head, feeling that this cousin who had popped out of nowhere was so troublesome. No wonder his mum didn’t like him, and even said that he was an unlucky star, an annoying existence.

Bian JinYuan was assured that he wouldn’t dare to snatch the Tmall Genie and went out the door to help Bian Jie do laundry.

Bian Jie was almost done with laundry. Seeing him approach, she told him to go back. Bian JinYuan didn’t say anything and bent his head to start washing. Bian Jie couldn’t stop him and let him be.

As the both of them were doing laundry, they saw Shuang Shuang run out, crying as he said to Bian JinYuan, “Gege, the cake… the cake is smashed.”

Bian JinYuan quickly washed his hands and asked him what happened.

Shuang Shuang wiped the tears from his eyes, Bian JinYuan walked over to help him wipe them too. Bian Jie comforted him, “Don’t cry anymore, Shuang Shuang.”

Bian JinYuan carried Shuang Shuang and said to Bian Jie, “Small aunt, I’ll go take a look.”

Bian Jie nodded. Bian JinYuan’s gaze darkened, having guessed at what had happened.

Shuang Shuang’s next words confirmed his guess. He leaned against Bian JinYuan and whispered, “Peng Peng gege wanted to eat the cake. I said that he couldn’t because gege you said he couldn’t have any. I didn’t let him take it, but he wanted to. In the end the cake got smashed.”

Bian JinYuan saw how his eyes were still welled with tears, as if they would roll down if he blinked, and gently comforted him, “It’s nothing, gege will buy another slice for you tomorrow. Don’t be upset.”

Shuang Shuang nodded, but he still felt that it was a shame. He flattened his mouth and lowered his head.

Bian JinYuan carried him into the house and then let him down inside. Zhao YuPeng was sitting on the sofa, maintaining the same posture that he had before he had left.

Lu YunFei saw that Bian JinYuan had returned and felt relieved. If he weren’t a Tmall Genie, he would have beaten Zhou YuPeng. The boy had taken advantage of when Bian JinYuan had left to steal the cake, and when Shuang Shuang didn’t let him take it he had shoved Shuang Shuang. Eventually when the cake fell, he had even scolded Shuang Shuang and said that it was his fault.

Shuang Shuang was so angry that he burst into tears. In the days that Lu YunFei had possessed the Tmall Genie, he had never even seen Shuang Shuang cry, and was so incensed that he wanted to grab Zhao YuPeng to teach him how to be a proper human being.

Bian JinYuan looked at the smashed cake on the floor and headed towards Zhao YuPeng.

Zhao YuPeng was so scared that he edged back into the sofa, “What do you want?”

“What happened to the cake?”

Jiāng Wèn Shuāng dropped it, I’ve nothing to do with it.”

“You dropped it!” Shuang Shuang shouted angrily, “It wasn’t me!”

“It was you, you dropped it. If you hadn’t pushed me, it wouldn’t have smashed onto the floor.”

Shuang Shuang was so angry that he clenched his teeth, “It wasn’t me, it was you!”

Bian JinYuan saw that he still refused to admit it. He pulled Zhao YuPeng up and raised his hand to smack his backside.

He controlled his strength, but Zhao YuPeng was a spoiled kid and naturally couldn’t withstand his spankings. He immediately burst into tears. 

He wailed so loudly until his voice was hoarse. Shuang Shuang stood transfixed in shock as he looked at Zhao YuPeng.

Bian JinYuan didn’t care if his crying was real or fake, “slap slap slap” he spanked his butt.

Lu YunFei heard Zhao YuPeng wailing, and watched as his deskmate spanked him. He felt great, and wished he had a plate of sunflower seeds to munch on while he enjoyed the show.

Bian Jie heard crying and rushed into the house. Zhao YuPeng looked as if he’d seen his saviour and shouted, “Aunt save me.”

Bian Jie quickly walked over and stopped Bian JinYuan, “What happened? Why are you hitting him?”

Bian JinYuan was halted by her, and so he hit twice more before stopping.

Zhao YuPeng had cried until his eyes were red and complained, “Ge hit me. Aunt, my bottom’s been spanked until it’s split open. I’m in so much pain.”

Bian Jie soothed him, and was just about to ask Bian JinYuan what had transpired when a shrill woman’s voice was heard, “What’s this? Peng Peng, what happened?”

— Jiang Fang had arrived.

Quack Notes

Aaahhhh we finally know Shuang Shuang’s full name! 

Also just a cute note about the title – I translated it as ‘unruly child’, but the original text was 熊孩子 (xióng hái zi), literally ‘bear child’. It’s an online term to describe naughty, unruly kids, the kind who don’t listen to instructions, and whom nobody likes. The imagery of little bear cubs running amok though…!

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  1. *watches the drama approaching and gets popcorn* xD I wish they would interact with the Tmall genie more~ I wanna see Lu YunFei’s improvisation and bullshitting skills hahaha xDDD
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  2. What do you mean your bottom’s been spanked until it’s split open, kid you don’t know what it actually felt like to have your cough chrysanthemum split ??

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  4. the spanking scene was A LOT! definitely overkill on jinyuan’s part. like yes, the kid was a brat who deserved some kind of consequence but he’s also like eight???? who is obviously a product of his environment and while that doesn’t mean he just gets a pass to be a brat he’s literally a KID. it honestly felt like jinyuan was using the spanking to misplace some of his anger with the kid’s parents :/ was bleeeeehhh

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