After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 039

[Chapter 039] Bian JinYuan: I’ll send him

“I probably sprained it when I fell just now,” Lu YunFei said, “It’s starting to hurt again.”

The pain this time seemed worse than before, to the point where Lu YunFei had to ask for a substitute to replace him.

Bian JinYuan was worried and said to him, “Go have it looked at in the hospital.”

“You guys finish the match first, I’ll go after the match.”

“You go first,” Zhang Lang saw how he was and lost his will to compete as well. He looked at the current score, “Alright, we’re currently even. We’ll pick another date to finish the match. Go have your leg checked out. This match is just for fun, health comes first, the match comes second.”

“Then what about our friendship?”

Zhang Lang was dumbfounded, “Are you still sassing at this time! I think you’re not in enough pain!”

Lu YunFei: “… It’s quite painful.”

“If it hurts then go to the hospital, it would be troublesome if you really hurt your leg seriously,” Bian JinYuan advised.

Lu YunFei didn’t think that it was that bad, but considering how it was the same leg which had hurt twice already, he was also a little anxious about it, “Alright then, I’ll visit the hospital.”

“I’ll go with you,” Zhang Lang said in earnest.

“I’ll go too,” the big guy who had crashed into Lu YunFei earlier said guiltily, “I’m responsible for this.”

Lu YunFei shook his hand, “No need, I’ll just go with Bian JinYuan. This isn’t your fault, it’s normal to collide with each other during games like this. It’s not like you did this on purpose.”

“But I have a car,” the big guy added, “My driver is still here, I’ll send you. Isn’t this more convenient?”

Lu YunFei froze. Zhang Lang patted the shoulders of the large guy, “Lí Chéng, next time say these important details earlier.”

Li Cheng rubbed his head as if embarrassed, and gave an “Oh” in reply.

Wen MingYi had initially wanted to accompany Lu YunFei, but Lu YunFei knew that he detested hospitals and didn’t let him accompany him, and so he and Bian JinYuan sat in Li Cheng’s car.

Li Cheng made a phone call after getting into the car, and summarised what had happened to the other person on the phone. Lu YunFei listened and waited for Li Cheng to end his phone call, but he hadn’t had time to ask him before Li Cheng naturally turned back to face him, “My brother-in-law is the director of the hospital. I’ve already explained things to him, so we can get it checked out immediately once we arrive.”

Lu YunFei raised his hand to give him a thumbs up.

Li Cheng smiled shyly and apologised to him once again.

Lu YunFei found him to be quite sincere and started chatting with him. From their conversation, Lu YunFei was surprised to find that for someone who looked brusque, Li Cheng was actually gentle and shy. It was such a gap moe.

Bian JinYuan listened silently to their conversation. He glanced at Li Cheng and didn’t say anything.

After they got down from the car, Li Cheng brought Lu YunFei straight away to get an x-ray, and then navigated to the Orthopedic specialist’s office with ease of familiarity.

The middle aged doctor took one look at him and gave a sound of surprise, “Xiao Cheng, where are you hurt this time?”

Lu YunFei twisted his head to look at Li Cheng. Li Cheng pointed to Lu YunFei embarrassedly, “Not me, I’m not injured. It’s him, his leg is hurt.”

The middle aged doctor saw this and his smile retracted while he got Lu YunFei to sit still as he examined him seriously.

Lu YunFei’s injury wasn’t serious, but to ensure a stable recovery, they decided to put him in a cast.

Lu YunFei got a shock when he heard that he was going to be put in a cast.

“Could I not be in one?”

The middle aged doctor advised, “It’s nothing, just for half a month. It’ll be over in a blink of an eye.”

“Are you god blinking? I’ll be blinking until my eyelids cramp up, I can’t even last a day, what more half a month.”

The doctor was tickled into laughter by him and encouraged: “Don’t be afraid young man, this is all for the good of your leg. Boys your age come in here to get casts every day. Xiao Cheng has also worn a cast before, don’t worry.”

Lu YunFei wasn’t the least bit assured. After wearing a cast, would he have to walk with a crutch, Steel crutch Lu?

Thinking to this point, Li Cheng expressed enthusiastically, “I’ll drop you home, we can stop by my house on the way there, I can give you the crutch that I used the last time, that crutch has an adjustable height and is pretty useful.”

Lu YunFei: …

Lu YunFei turned his head back to look at him, “I thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Li Cheng replied sincerely.

Thanks to Li Cheng, Lu YunFei didn’t have to spend much time at the hospital. Li Cheng relayed some words to his driver before they headed to his house.

“Oh right, where is your house student Bian? I can drop you off at your home too,” Li Cheng enthused.

Bian JinYuan looked at his eyes which were full of sincereness and replied coldly, “No need, I’ll drop off with Lu YunFei.”

Lu YunFei looked at him in puzzlement. Bian JinYuan returned his gaze and smiled slightly, “I’ll head home after that.”

Lu YunFei: ???

Lu YunFei didn’t understand why he would take such a roundabout way, but since Bian JinYuan had said as such, he didn’t want to argue with him in front of others, and so he could only reply with, “Oh.”

After he said this, his WeChat rang. Lu YunFei picked it up to find that it was Li YuanQing and Wen MingYi.

Li YuanQing: Why are you injured again? Is it serious?

Li YuanQing: The young master said that you already went to the hospital. What did the doctor say? Nothing serious I hope?

Li YuanQing: Fei fei fei fei fei, can you still fly?#

Wen MingYi’s messages were similar to Li YuanQing’s, asking him what the doctor said and if it was serious. Besides that, he also reminded Lu YunFei with: The basketball match was evenly scored, neither side won. What are you going to do about the matter with Bian JinYuan?

It was then that Lu YunFei remembered that this basketball match had something to do with Bian JinYuan’s 5,000 dollars. However in this scenario, to give Bian JinYuan 5,000 dollars would probably expose himself, but 2,500 could probably be explained.

Li Cheng’s house was a fair distance from the hospital. The driver took more than half an hour before they arrived.

“Just wait for me in the car, I’ll bring it down,” Li Cheng said as he unfastened his seatbelt to leave the car.

The driver took the opportunity to take a smoke break outside the car.

Lu YunFei saw that it was just himself and Bian JinYuan and asked, “Why are you getting off with me, where is your house? Just get Li Cheng to drop you off at your home.”

Bian JinYuan looked at him, “You don’t want me to send you home?” Saying this, he deliberately drawled out an “Oh” for emphasis, “That’s right, I’m not needed if there’s a posh car dropping you off.”

Lu YunFei: …

Lu YunFei covered his eyes helplessly, “You send, you send, I really like it when you send me home, really!”

“You said it.”

“I said it,” Lu YunFei patted his chest to prove it.

Bian JinYuan took a long look at him, before turning his head away to steal a smile. 

Lu YunFei waited for a while before Li Cheng came back with the crutches. He opened the car door to hand the crutches over to Lu YunFei, and then sat in the passenger seat, “I’ll drop you home.”

“Sure,” Lu YunFei looked at the cast on his leg. In this situation, he wasn’t able to roam outside anyway.

He gave the driver his address, who input it into the navigation system before starting the car.

Li Cheng only relaxed when he saw Lu YunFei at the gates of his home. He had been feeling guilty, and so when Lu YunFei got out of the car, he offered, “What time do you have to be at school? I’ll pick you.”

Lu YunFei no longer felt that this was a warm spring breeze. This was the scorching heat of autumn, it was so bright that he couldn’t open his eyes!

“No need, my sister will pick me.”

“Then I’ll pick you up from school in the afternoon?”

“No need for that too, I’ll just get a taxi.”

“Better for me to pick you.You wouldn’t have fallen down or gotten a cast if it weren’t for me. I’d feel more at ease if I were to send you.”

Lu YunFei hadn’t expected him to be so meticulous and comforted him, “Don’t blame yourself, I had already sprained my leg running two days ago. This time was also due to my inattention and not your responsibility. Speaking of, I’ve yet to thank you for sending me to the hospital as well as for giving me a crutch.”

“There’s still some responsibility,” Li Cheng expressed sincerely, “I was the one who collided with you after all. It would have been fine if you had someone sending you, but since there are none, then it should be my responsibility.”

Lu YunFei saw how adamant he was and considered his offer. He thought that it was okay, since uncle Li was also on leave and no one was picking him up from school. In his current condition, having Li Cheng willing to pick him was definitely more convenient.

He was just about to agree when he heard Bian JinYuan say beside him: “There’s no need for that, I’ll pick him.”

Lu YunFei looked at the person beside him in befuddlement, his heart asking, you pick me? What are you picking me with? You don’t even have the time to do so okay!

Possibly because he had felt his gaze, Bian JinYuan turned to look at him to ask as he smiled: “Can I?”

Even if he disagreed it wasn’t as if he could say it in front of Li Cheng, how embarrassing that would be. Lu YunFei nodded and returned his smile with warmth and courtesy, “Of course you can.”

Bian JinYuan looked at Li Cheng, “So you don’t need to worry yourself over this.”

Li Cheng looked at him and then at Lu YunFei, thinking that he wasn’t familiar with Lu YunFei anyway, and that Lu YunFei might prefer to be with his friends, so he didn’t insist, “Alright then, but please let me know if you need my help.”

“Sure,” Lu YunFei agreed, but he thought that there shouldn’t have been much Li Cheng could help with. After all, Li Cheng wasn’t at fault, and he could deal with the rest on his own.

Li Cheng exchanged WeChat contacts with Lu YunFei and gave a few more pieces of advice before he left. Seeing Bian JinYuan still standing, he asked, “Student, are you leaving? I’ll send you.”

This was the second time that he had offered to send Bian JinYuan. Lu YunFei agonised over how this opportunity would only appear once. If Bin JinYuan refused, then he would have a hard time getting home later. He nudged Bian JinYuan and encouraged: “You should go with Li Cheng. My place is far from public transport or private hire stands, it isn’t convenient for you to get home.”

Bian JinYuan thought about it and didn’t oppose the idea, so he said to him, “Send me a WeChat message if you need anything.”

“Mmm,” Lu YunFei waved at him.

“Rest early,” Bian JinYuan said as he opened the car door to get into Li Cheng’s car.

As the car started up, Bin JinYuan looked out the window to take in the majestic sight of Lu YunFei’s home. He looked on silently, and only retracted his gaze when the car moved forward.

Bian JinYuan asked Li Cheng to drop him off at the train station closest to his house. After thanking him, he walked the rest of the way home.

His house was located on a bustling and messy alley. Each step he took brought him towards home, as he entered the alley and then the gate of the shared estate yard. He took out his house keys to open one of the doors in the yard and looked at the humble furnishings of his house, and couldn’t help but heave a sigh in his heart.

Quack Notes

Aww Bian JinYuan (╥﹏╥) 

Author used the phrase 反差萌 (fǎn chā méng), literally meaning ‘contradictory moe’, and means ‘gap moe’. 萌 (méng) is the Chinese reading of moe (萌え), which is a Japanese word for ‘inducing endearment’. A gap moe is the inducing of affection by realising that there is a contradiction in a character’s perceived identity and their actions, sorta like the feeling you get when you see the class delinquent take care of a kitty on a rainy day! Read more about moe on Wikipedia or about Gap Moe here.

# I think I made a note before but just in case anyone’s forgotten, The ‘Fei’ in Lu YunFei’s name is 飞 (fēi), which means the verb fly (not the insect). So Li YuanQing is punning on his name.

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