After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 013

[Chapter 013] Hottest thread in school & a slice of cake

《Quickly look!!! The top student is actually publicly carrying the bag of the student scum who failed English! Is it a decay of morality or is it a distortion of humanity!》

Say I’m first place: I’m sofaφ. Original poster, I’ll let you report to UD tomorrow.

Shining flashing camera flash: Dage (big brother) is lying, UD shock club is already full!

National Day is soon: I’ve gone blind, it’s actually Bian JinYuan, and he actually carried someone else’s bag for them, this isn’t scientific!

Ruby ear studs: I now believe what yesterday’s original poster said about Bian JunYuan and Lu YunFei playing basketball together and even chatting and laughing! Oh my god, now it’s to the point where they’re carrying bags, they must really have chatted and laughed together then!

I’m yesterday’s original poster: I did say that they were both chatting and laughing together and none of you listened to me, now you’ve seen it! You still dared to place bets. As the dealer I’m having a haul okay!

You know who I am: According to credible sources, Bian JinYuan helped Lu YunFei conduct an English spelling test yesterday.

Say I’m first place: ???!!! English spelling! Doesn’t he have no time?

You know who I am: According to credible sources, no one has heard Bian JinYuan say this phrase to Lu YunFei yet.

Ruby ear studs: What the fuck! I cannot! My brain is about to think all sorts of crazy thoughts!

Shining flashing camera flash: Wake up jiemei (sisters), this is classmate Bian, the classmate Bian who’s as indifferent as a chrysanthemum. You know who I am’s news is definitely not accurate. Report again after further investigations.

You know who I am: … Could you not casually dismiss my news? Every word that I said is true!

Ruby ear studs: I believe you! Really! Classmate I believe you!

Trigonometric odd functions change but even functions remain unchanged: So am I the only one who’s focused on how the original poster wrote ‘the student scum who failed English’? Lu YunFei may have failed English, but he’s still a top tier student okay! He was able to enter the express class despite failing English, and is above average in rankings. Original poster better not be maligning my boyfriend understood?

Ruby ear studs: Wake up sis, he’s not your boyfriend, he’s everyone’s boyfriend.

Shining flashing camera flash: Nah, I still prefer Bian JinYuan’s type.

Original poster: Will everyone in this thread please wake up, my thread isn’t asking you about whom you like please?! But anyway I also prefer Bian JinYuan. That face, that body, that grades, male god!

Lu YunFei read the thread and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Bian JinYuan heard his laughter and lowered his head to look at him. Lu YunFei immediately hid his phone and smiled at him, “I just saw something funny.”

Bian JinYuan was never really a curious person, and so he didn’t pry further and walked into the classroom with him.

Li YuanQing saw how his good buddy had walked in with someone whom had always been a sore eye and a rival, and felt that the way that they walked looked incorrect. When did Lu YunFei get along so well with Bian JinYuan? This is already the second time that they had appeared like that. Li YuanQing felt a dreaded sense of being discarded.

Bian JinYuan didn’t give Lu YunFei a spelling test during the first lesson this time, but during the third lesson.

Lu YunFei still remembered, so his spelling went without a hitch. Very soon, he handed in his paper and received another hundred marks.

Lu YunFei was very pleased and enthusiastically invited him, “Where are you going for lunch? Let’s go together.”

“I have something on,” Bian JinYuan said.

Lu YunFei was curious, “What do you have?” What did Bian JinYuan have that he actually didn’t know about?

Bian JinYuan didn’t reply.

Lu YunFei bumped his arm, “Answer me, what words do you need to hide away, what’s there not to say.”

Bian JinYuan couldn’t help but answer, “I have to go to my part-time job in the mid-afternoon.”

Lu YunFei sounded,”Huh?”

He knew that Bian JinYuan had a part-time job at night, but why did he also have to work part-time in the afternoon? Fuck, wasn’t he busy throughout the day until he let off at night then? Who could bear this?

Bian JinYuan could bear it, plus, he was even able to maintain his top student grades. 

Lu YunFei genuinely found him impressive at this point. He had always thought that Bian JinYuan only knew how to study in school, working on paper after paper. With an attitude like that, having better grades than him was natural. However, he now realised that this was purely because he had no other time to study outside of school. No wonder he always rejected others, saying that he had no time. When it came to Bian JinYuan, he really had no time!

“What kind of part time job? Where is it?” Lu YunFei asked.

For Bian JinYuan, to say that he was working a part-time job was already unexpected. He even felt that his mind must have been clouded to say those words. He wasn’t familiar with getting close to people. Before his family had gotten into trouble, he already had a solitary personality. After his family encountered troubles, he became even more indifferent. Outside of his family, Bian JinYuan lacked consideration and patience. Telling Lu YunFei that he worked a part-time job was already something that shouldn’t have happened, so he now rejected answering Lu YunFei’s question.

“You don’t need to know.”

At this reply, Lu YunFei didn’t press further. Everyone had their secrets. If Bian JinYuan didn’t want to tell him, then he would wait until he wanted to tell him. Anyway he wasn’t in a rush about it.

“Okay then,” Lu YunFei smiled and said.

Bian JinYuan thought that he would be angry, but seeing how he was still all smiles, he relaxed. He thought of how Lu YunFei had a good temperament, and even knew his boundaries. Despite being a little familiar, he didn’t have the bad habit of pressing for answers. 

Wen MingYi had something to do, and so he didn’t join them for lunch. Lu YunFei and Li YuanQing ate and discussed their plans for National Day. After eating, Lu YunFei waited at the school entrance on their way back to receive his delivery of a large cake.

“It’s your birthday today?” Li YuanQing asked doubtfully, “That’s not right, it’s still a while to your birthday.”

“Want to eat?” Lu YunFei asked him.

“Of course,” Li YuanQing said, “It’ll be a waste not to eat it.”

“Sure. MingYi isn’t here, so it’ll be the both of us eating.”

The two of them brought the cake into the classroom and attracted the girls’ attention. Lu YunFei cut a slice for himself and Li YuanQing. Li YuanQing tasted it and smacked his lips, “This is not bad, where did you get the cake from?”

Lu YunFei showed him the cake shop name, “My jie recommended it.”

The cake wasn’t small. Even after Li YuanQing ate two slices and Lu YunFei ate one slice, there was still a lot of cake left over.

Li YuanQing asked him, “What are you going to do with the rest?”

“Of course I’ll give them to other people.”

“For example?”

“For example, my new deskmate.”

Quack Notes

School starts tomorrow! I’m tired just thinking about it. (╥﹏╥)

Φ Saying ‘I’m sofa’ means to say ‘I’m first’. It’s a shortened form of ‘I’m so fast’. There’s also the imagery of how in discussion boards, each thread invites people to join the original poster in their house. The first reply gets to sit on the sofa, the second reply gets to sit on a stool, and all the rest of those who didn’t reply fast enough get to sit on the floor. It’s to signify that the original poster’s attention to the posters are split on a first come, first served basis.

 UD shock club is a spoof of UC shock club (UC震惊部), which is a term that netizens coined to disparage the sensational headlines from UC Browser which tend to overuse the term ‘Shocking’: “Shocking! You won’t believe what you see next!”, “Shocking! They actually did this in public!” etc. It’s to the point where it’s been said that when reading the daily UC news, readers will have to experience shock 50 times, be touched to tears 60 times, and discover 10 startling secrets, all in a day.

 人淡如菊 (as indifferent as a chrysanthemum) is an idiom used to describe how a chrysanthemum flower is simple and steadfast in its way of living – it does not try to overpower other flowers with vibrant colours and smells, but instead steadily blooms in its small, calm manner. To use this idiom on someone is to say that the person has a certain independence and refined calmness.

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