After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis Chapter 015

[Chapter 015] “This is my second time helping you.”

“Refund my money!” The man slapped the table, “Refund laozi for the cake, and another ten thousand for causing me mental damage. Otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Wen MingYi drank his milk tea as he bumped Lu YunFei, and pointed to the men behind the guy with his chin.

Lu YunFei counted six of them, including the guy currently talking. This was a planned setup.

Liu Mo also realised what was happening at this point. The cake was merely an opening into picking a quarrel. 

She smiled, “If you keep on with this, I’ll be calling the police.”

The man laughed at her words, “Report then, laozi isn’t scared of your threats. I bought the cake from your cake shop. After eating it, I vomited and had diarrhoea and almost got food poisoning. What’s wrong with wanting payment for the mental damage that I incurred? I haven’t even asked for fucking medical fees!”

Seeing this, Liu Mo didn’t beat around the bush and took out her phone to call the police. The man went up to snatch her phone from her hands. Lu YunFei saw this and grabbed the milk tea from Wen MingYi’s hands and threw it at his shoulder.

The milk tea struck the shoulder with a “thump” before spilling onto the floor. The man’s shoulder was a scene of disaster. He turned his head reflexively, and it was when Bian JinYuan rushed over to snatch Liu Mo’s phone back and shoved it into her hands as he pushed her behind, “Liu jie, go inside.”

Liu Mo was staring at the handsome boys who had entered the shop. At Bian JinYuan’s reminder, she pulled back to her senses and nodded. As she lifted her head, she noticed Bian JinYuan was staring in the direction of the door as well, his brows slightly creased.

Liu Mo was curious, did they know each other? She didn’t ask and quietly moved backwards.

The troublemaker had also focused his attention onto Lu YunFei. Wen MingYi looked at his good friend in exasperation and said, “My milk tea! I wasn’t done drinking it!”

“I’ll buy you a new one later – a large milk tea with three brothers#, no ice.”

“That’s better,” Wen MingYi was mollified.

However the troublemaker wasn’t placated, “Little boy, you threw this milk tea,” He pointed at the milk tea on the ground and stepped forward. There was a squelch as he stepped on the cup, and the light brown “fresh blood” emerged from the “corpse” of the milk tea.

Wen MingYi felt that it was a pity, this milk tea still had more than half cup left, and it was pretty tasty.

Lu YunFei was all smiles, “There’s no helping it. Dage (big brother), you’d been standing there for so long. I wanted to buy something but you weren’t leaving, so I decided to remind you a bit.”

That person heard this and flew towards Lu YunFei. Bian JinYuan saw his actions and went round the cashier counter, but was stopped by the man’s buddies.

“What do you want to do? You’re in such a hurry.”

“Step aside,” Bian JinYuan said coldly.

“What if we don’t?” The other party smiled in response.

Bian JinYuan had never been a particularly gentle person and quickly followed up with a punch. The other party never thought that he’d react so harshly, and almost fell over from the hit.

“What are you still standing there for, go!”

Lu YunFei saw that Bian JinYuan had started fighting with the others and wanted to go up to help him, but just as he moved, the troublemaker stopped him, “Little boy, you’ve yet to apologise to me.”

Dage, step aside,” Lu YunFei said impatiently.

“Step on yourself!” that person said, and raised his hand to start fighting.

Lu YunFei stepped backwards and grabbed Wen MingYi, “I’ll go help Bian JinYuan, this person’s yours,” Saying that, he pushed Wen MingYi forward.

Wen MingYi was speechless. Shit, what do you mean this person’s yours.

The troublemaker saw that Lu YunFei had escaped and made a fist to punch Wen MingYi. Wen MingYi dodged twice and tried to reason with him, “Uncle, I’m innocent. The one who hit you was him, don’t fight me.”

Laozi doesn’t care about this.”

“If you’re going to be like this, then I’m going to be unhappy.”

The troublemaker sneered. The next moment, he was soundly kicked by Wen MingYi.

Wen MingYi looked at him, his brows raised. His handsome face was filled with the pride and arrogance of a young man, “If I’m unhappy, then you’ll also be unhappy. After all, I’m in a rebellious phase.”

Lu YunFei rushed over to Bian JinYuan’s side. He noticed someone trying to sneak an attack from behind him and toppled the attacker.

“This is my second time helping you,” Lu YunFei said as he smiled.

Bian JinYuan was vexed, “Why are you here?”

“I’m buying a cake. I treated you to cake yesterday but didn’t leave any for the young master, so the young master was angry and wanted me to accompany him. We were in the area and wanted to enter this shop. Who knew that you’d be here too,” Lu YunFei unabashedly threw the pot over to Wen MingYi.

This sounded reasonable, so Bian JinYuan didn’t find it suspicious. However, the people they were fighting with felt that they were being underestimated, seeing as they were fucking chit-chatting while fighting.

At this moment, Liu Mo shouted loudly, “I’ve called the police, they’ll be here soon.”

The bunch of troublemakers were already losing the fight. After hearing Liu Mo’s words, they didn’t want to fight further, so they said, “You all better watch out for laozi,” and turned tail to run out of the cake shop. 

Wen MingYi clapped his hands and walked over to Lu YunFei. Before he could even talk, he heard Lu YunFei say, “Wasn’t I supposed to treat you to cake? There are so many cakes here, pick your choice.”

Wen MingYi looked at him and squinted his eyes slightly. Lu YunFei smiled radiantly, a picture of fresh innocence.

“Then I’ll really go ahead to choose.”

“Up to you,” Lu YunFei replied boldly.

Wen MingYi walked to the glass display, peered at it, and pointed at the first row of cake slices, “I want everything on this row, and then I want a cup of milk tea with three brothers, a large cup without ice. He’s paying,” He pointed at Lu YunFei.

Hearing this, Lu YunFei turned to look at Bian JinYuan, “If I buy cakes, do you get a commission?”

Quack Notes

# Three brothers (三兄弟) is a combined name for these three toppings in milk tea – tapioca pearls, grass jelly, and pudding. It’s a delicious combination!

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