Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog Chapter 004

[Chapter 004] “You stay away from him.”

Once Si JunDuo arrived at the office, his secretary came up to him to report about what had transpired over the phone. Si JunDuo “Mmm”-ed in response, and said to Wen MingYi, “Follow Lín Mù to my office to wait for me, I’ll look for you after I’m done with this matter.”

After he said this, he worried that Wen MingYi might turn into a cat while he was gone, and added, “No matter what happens, just wait in my office. I’ll be back quickly.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not a child. I know what to do.”

Si JunDuo felt that this assurance was not the least bit convincing. He looked at his secretary, “Take him to my office, and don’t let anyone else enter.”

“Okay,” Lin Mu promised. She walked to Wen MingYi’s side and said gently, “This way.”

Wen MingYi had no choice but to follow her, observing his surroundings as he walked. He had never visited Si JunDuo’s company before, and was full of curiosity for his first time here. Upon reaching the office, Wen MingYi casually sat on the sofa. He gazed at the interior decor, thinking that his ge really preferred the minimalist look.

“What would you like to drink?” Lin Mu asked.

“Milk tea…… forget it, iced cola will do.”

“Would you like anything else?”

“No, thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Lin Mu said, and gracefully left the room.

Wen MingYi moved to lay on the sofa after she left. He thought about whether he should leave things to chance or be proactive. He rested his head on both arms and wondered about the meaning of his rebirth and the realisation that he belonged to a novel. If he had merely known that he was reborn, then he wouldn’t have hesitated to beat Jiang ZiMo up right now in revenge.

But it had to be such that he had prior knowledge of his own side character role in the novel before his rebirth. In this world, he could fight with the heavens and earth with pleasure. But if he fought with the main character, then it would be the main character who would take that pleasure instead! He had watched so many animation and television shows and novels – the blood and tears of numerous villains told him that victory and glory belonged only to the main character. Fighting with the main character would only lead to death, or perhaps they would be changed by the main character to become his teammate, otherwise the only other choice was still death.

It was impossible for Jiang ZiMo to change his feelings towards him. He would rather die than to become Jiang ZiMo’s bootlicker! He had already been reborn once, and he didn’t want to lose his life once again to Jiang ZiMo. Sigh, this was such a worrisome situation!

As he mulled over this, he heard the sound of the door handle move. And then the door opened.

Wen MingYi reflexively turned towards the direction of the door. In a second, he flipped himself upright like a carp and sat straight, looking at the person who appeared in front of him. Fuck! This meeting must be the will of the fates; he hadn’t needed to ponder this at all, Jiang ZiMo had offered himself to the door!

What’s there to worry about, he’ll think about the aftermath after he had his fun!

“Wen MingYi?” Jiang ZiMo looked at him in surprise, “Why are you here?”

“That’s because my ge allowed me to be here. But you, an intern, entering the company president’s office as you wish? How carefree.”

At his remark, Jiang ZiMo awkwardly said, “I saw that secretary Lin and assistant Chén weren’t around, and that there were people in the meeting room, so I thought that JunDuo was in a meeting and came straight here.”

“If my ge is in the meeting room, then all the more that you as an intern aren’t allowed in here. The cleaning ladies all know that they can only enter if somebody is in the room, to prevent instances where they’re blamed if something goes missing. For you to freely enter the president’s office, do you think it’s appropriate?”

Jiang ZiMo saw that he was still being pressed despite his explanation, and couldn’t help but say, “Then you’re not even from the company, yet you’re also in his office?”

Wen MingYi sneered, “You’re comparing yourself to me? He’s watched me grow up, did he watch you grow up?! I’m his didi. Don’t mention his office, I can also freely enter his home.”

“Then as his friend, I’m also allowed exceptions to the rules sometimes.”

What damn friend, Wen MingYi ridiculed, what you want to be is more than simply a friend.

“Sometimes? I see that you seem very used to this. Jiang ZiMo, I’ll say it bluntly. You know very clearly the thoughts that you hold towards my ge. You also know what Wen Bo feels for you. My ge treats you well on account of his relationship with Wen Bo. If you have a shred of conscience, don’t drag my ge into the whirlpool that is yours and Wen Bo’s relationship. Can you do that?”

“Wen MingYi, I’ve said this before, you’re mistaken. We’re just friends. No matter if it’s JunDuo or Wen Bo, we’re just friends.”

Wen MingYi was speechless, “Do you even believe what you just said? You’re just like the rumoured friend bitch. ‘Friend’ is only a child, please go easy on friend.”

Jiang ZiMo was angered by his words, “Just because you don’t have a good temperament and have so few friends, do you think that everyone else can’t make friends too? I’m friends with JunDuo, not friends with you. I don’t need your judgement.”

Saying this, he sat on a small sofa on the other side.

“Who allowed you to sit down. Get out.” Wen MingYi shouted.

“This isn’t your office, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do,” Jiang ZiMo taunted.

Wen MingYi’s temper rose. He took big strides towards him, but just as he took two steps, the door opened and Lin Mu entered.

Wen MingYi and Jiang ZiMo both looked at Lin Mu. They’d both thought that it would be Si JunDuo instead of his secretary.

Lin Mu looked at Jiang ZiMo and asked in confusion, “why are you here?”

“I came to look for president Si.”

Wen MingYi laughed and looked at Lin Mu, “Jiejie (older sister), what did my ge say earlier?”

At this, Lin Mu quickly went over to pass the can of cola in her hand to him, “I apologise, the office fridge didn’t have cola, so I had to go downstairs to buy you one. I’m sorry for the wait.”

Wen MingYi stretched out to take the cola and smiled radiantly, “No problem. It’s just that jiejie, someone came in when you weren’t around.”

“I understand,” Lin Mu said and turned to walk towards Jiang ZiMo. “Jiang ZiMo, president Si instructed that apart from this gentleman, no one else is allowed into his office at this time. Please leave.”

Wen MingYi bit the straw as he drank his cola, and even purposely made a sound of “tsk tsk”, “Now do you say that I don’t have the right?”

Jiang ZiMo looked at his delighted demeanor and felt that he was humiliating him. He said unwillingly, “I’ll wait for him here. Secretary Lin, you don’t have to care about me.”

Lin Mu really didn’t understand how he could tell her not to care about him? Does he not use his brain when he speaks? She was a secretary who was instructed by president Si not to let anyone in. Yet Jiang ZiMo had slipped in while she was gone, and would even like her to ignore him. Did he want her to be fired?

But as she considered that Jiang ZiMo and her boss had a good relationship, Lin Mu could only reply politely, “Jiang ZiMo, if you would like to wait for president Si, you could wait for him outside. If you insist on staying, I’ll have to call security.”

Jiang ZiMo looked at her in grievance and annoyance. Lin Mu maintained her polite smile, “Let’s go.”

“What now, you don’t want to leave when asked nicely, do you really need people to call security?” Wen MingYi shook his head, “How shameless.”

Jiang ZiMo glared at him, his eyes filled with grievance and a flash of hatred. Wen MingYi waved his hands at him, “Bye bye.”

Lin Mu urged, “Jiang ZiMo, let’s go.”

Jiang ZiMo had no choice but to stand up and follow her out.

He left the office but didn’t leave the premises. Lin Mu led him to the waiting room next to Si JunDuo’s office to wait for him there.

Wen MingYi bit his straw and wondered if he couldn’t directly take action for the time being. If he started something with Jiang ZiMo at this time, it would be akin to pushing Si JunDuo towards Jiang ZiMo. After all, other than himself, no one else in his previous life knew that he had died at Jiang ZiMo’s hands. If he beat up Jiang ZiMo, Jiang ZiMo would play the victim; Wen Bo would blame him, and Si JunDuo would also find him unreasonable.

He had fought with Si JunDuo too many times in his past life. Even in their final meeting before his death, they had argued over something inconsequential. Therefore in this life, he didn’t want to repeat such meaningless quarrels. And anyway, Si JunDuo wouldn’t like it if he randomly beat people up.

Wen MingYi sighed. That’s right, fighting with the protagonist isn’t such an easy feat. But no matter, the road ahead was long. The most important matter at hand was to ensure the safety of himself and Si JunDuo’s lives. They both absolutely had to stay away from Jiang ZiMo.

Si JunDuo came out from the meeting, and because he was anxious to meet Wen MingYi, only said to president Wáng, “Chén Bīn will see you off, good bye.”

However just as he arrived at the entrance of his office, Jiang ZiMo came up to him, “JunDuo, you’re done with your meeting.”

Si JunDuo didn’t think that he would be here. He asked, “Is anything the matter?”

Jiang ZiMo didn’t have time to reply before Wen MingYi opened the door to come out and say, “You’re done with your stuff, let’s go then.”

Jiang ZiMo saw this and hurriedly said, “I have to talk to you.”

“Then that’s a pity, my ge has nothing to say to you,” Wen MingYi said as he pulled Si JunDuo’s arm, “Let’s go.”

Jiang ZiMo reached out to grab hold of Si JunDuo, but before he could touch him, his hand was viciously slapped by Wen MingYi. Wen MingYi took a step forward to insert himself between the both of them. His face was grim as he looked at Jiang ZiMo, “You stay away from my ge.”

The author has something to say:

MingMing: Scram, don’t touch my ge!
Jiang ZiMo: You dare to slap me!
MingMing: Heh

☆ Neighbour gege, neighbour didi. He’s called ge only because of their age difference.

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