Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog Chapter 005

[Chapter 005] Wen MingYi: I’ve turned into a dog!

Jiang ZiMo looked at his right hand which had reddened from the slap, and raised his head to look at Si JunDuo aggrievedly.

Si JunDuo couldn’t help but say in a low voice, “MingMing……”

Wen MingYi snorted, isn’t this just acting nice and playing the victim card, who doesn’t know how to do that!

He turned his head to look at Si JunDuo, his eyes full of grievance, brows furrowed slightly, and softly said, “Ge.”

Si JunDuo: ……

Si JunDuo kept silent.

Wen MingYi had a rare chance to show off his acting skills. He put forth all effort into pitifully complaining, “He had just intruded into your office. I asked him to leave, yet he scolded me!”

“When did I scold you?” Jiang ZiMo interjected.

“It was when you refused to leave after I asked you to, and you even said that I had no right to do so.”

“You never had the right. This is Si JunDuo’s office, not yours.”

Wen MingYi turned back to look at Si JunDuo, his eyes widened as he pitifully asked, “Regarding someone who charged into your office when you were not around, I don’t even have the right to ask them to leave?”

Si JunDuo: …… 

Si JunDuo pressed at his temple. He looked at Jiang ZiMo and said in a low voice, “Do not enter my office without permission in the future.”

Jiang ZiMo couldn’t believe it, “But last time……”

“This was never supposed to have been allowed in the first place. I had forgotten to remind you about it, remember it in the future.”

Jiang ZiMo was unsatisfied, he explained in a small voice, “I really didn’t scold him, I just wanted to wait for you in your office.”

“Lin Mu,” Si JunDuo looked at his secretary, “What did I say before meeting president Wang.”

“I’m sorry, president Si.”

“Don’t blame her, she had gone to buy me a drink. It was only when she came back that Jiang ZiMo left.” Wen MingYi said and mocked, “Otherwise I wouldn’t have had the right to get people to leave.”

Si JunDuo was almost tickled into laughter by his strange tone. He reached out to ruffle his hair.

Wen MingYi raised his head to ask him, “Do I have the right?”

“Yes,” Si JunDuo couldn’t help but spoil him, “What right do you not have, you’re the young master of the Si family.”

At his words, Lin Mu and Jiang ZiMo were shaken.

Lin Mu had already started guessing the identity of this bright and handsome young man when her boss brought him in, what relationship did they have? She had heard Wen MingYi call Si JunDuo “ge”, but didn’t know what type of ge it was – sibling ge, cousin ge, or was it a case where they had blood relations, yet he’s called ge because he’s older – now Lin Mu was even more confused. The Si family had a young master? Aren’t they a family business, and that her boss was the sole inheritor!

Compared to Lin Mu, Jiang ZiMo had already known about Si JunDuo and Wen MingYi. At this startling declaration, what he felt more of was anger and dissatisfaction! Based on what? Wen MinYi and Si JunDuo aren’t even blood-related brothers, just neighbours who grew up together. How could he be considered the young master of the Si family! For himself to enter the Si family, he had to go through his relationship with Wen Bo and start from an intern position. Whereas for Wen MingYi, he didn’t even have to lift a finger and Si JunDuo declared him the young master of the Si family? On what grounds!

Jiang ZiMo’s resentment and anger increased. He hated Wen MingYi. Wen MingYi was capricious and unreasonable, how was he able to stand beside Si JunDuo, what’s more as the Si family’s young master! He’s just the son of friends of the Si parents, it’s not as if his surname is Si!

Jiang ZiMo opened his mouth to prepare to say something, but Si JunDuo was one step quicker and said, “We’ll be leaving now. Lin Mu, if I don’t come into the office on time tomorrow, send me an email with the files that I asked you to organise.”

At this, he patted Wen MingYi and said, “Let’s go.”

Jiang ZiMo quickly tried to get him to stay, “I still have something to talk to you about.”

“Next time,” Si JunDuo said.

“It’s just for a short while, I won’t take up too much of your……”

“You’re so annoying!” Wen MingYi interrupted him in irritation,”Can’t you see that we’re in a hurry? You’re terrible at reading the situation.”

Jiang ZiMo froze.

Si JunDuo was about to admonish Wen MingYi on his choice of words when he was pulled into the elevator by Wen MingYi, who swiftly pressed onto the button to close the elevator doors.

“That was rude of you,” Si JunDuo said, “He could have really had something urgent. You also shouldn’t have talked to him like that in front of other people.”

“So if there aren’t anyone else around, I can talk to him like that?” Wen MingYi turned back to look at him.

Si JunDuo was baffled by his question. He thought for a bit and replied, “You can talk it over with me in private next time.”

“Then I’ll tell you now. I think he’s very annoying, very obtuse, and very hate-able.”

“You’ve never liked him in the first place,” Si JunDuo calmly stated.

“So you think that what he just did was not annoying, very insightful, and very endearing?”

Si JunDuo sighed, “You’re biased against him.”

“You wear filtered goggles for him,” Wen MingYi spat, “The 1500m kind, and it even has beauty filters switched on.”

Si JunDuo chuckled and didn’t say anything.

Wen MingYi unhappily asked, “If Jiang ZiMo and I both fell into the water, who would you save?”

Si JunDuo laughed out loud.

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“Tell me, who would you save, you can only choose one!” Wen MingYi pressed.

Si JunDuo thought he was being childish. He looked at Wen MingYi gently and rubbed his head, “Don’t worry, no matter who else you drop into the water with, I’ll always choose to save you.”


Si JunDuo nodded.

Wen MingYi said satisfactorily, “Alright then we’ll stop this conversation, let’s not talk about Jiang ZiMo anymore.”

“Sure,” There were more important matters at hand. Si JunDuo also didn’t want to argue with Wen MingYi over Jiang ZiMo. “Then let’s go to the hospital.”

On hearing the word ‘hospital’, Wen MingYi almost found himself running into Si JunDuo’s arms. Jiang ZiMo was a wolf, but the hospital was a tiger. He had found himself escaping from the wolf’s den and plunging into the tiger’s cave in just one day. This was too horrible.

Wen MingYi sorrowfully looked at Si JunDuo. This time, he wasn’t playing the victim. He actually was a victim.

So Si JunDuo could only pinch his face and said mercilessly, “There’s no use, you still have to go despite your whining.”

Wen MingYi lowered his head in despair. Si JunDuo looked at him amusedly and patted his shoulder, “Behave.”

The hospital belonged to the family of Si JunDuo’s friend. As a result, they didn’t have to queue for long, and every section progressed quickly. Wen MingYi looked at the chit in his hands. He couldn’t understand what it meant, so he had to rely on the attending doctor for his examination, “Are there any problems?”

”None whatsoever, you’re healthy.” The doctor said gently. 

At this, Wen MingYi felt relieved. However by the time the next series of examinations ended, his patience had run dry. He waited wearily for Si JunDuo to wrap up his conversation with his friend, and sat in the car to go back home with Si JunDuo.

“Apart from the portion of the test results which can’t come back today, there were no issues with the rest of them. You’re physically healthy, better than I expected.”

Wen MingYi listlessly responded with an “Mmm”.

Si JunDuo knew that this was a result of his experience at the hospital and didn’t say much, only, “What would you like to eat? Let aunty Zhāng make it for you.”

Wen MingYi deliberately said, “Why should I get aunty Zhang to make it for me, can’t you make it for me instead? You haven’t cooked a meal for me in a long time.”

“Who’s to blame for this?” Si JunDuo looked at him, “Was it me who clamoured to move out and spent three years avoiding a proper talk with me, MingMing?”

Wen MingYi sheepishly looked out the window and said embarrassingly, “Why are you dredging up the past.”

Si JunDuo laughed.

Wen MingYi got even more embarrassed. He slumped against the car door and pretended that he was a mute quail.

Si JunDuo teased him, but he still rolled up his sleeves to cook for him when they got home. Wen MingYi leaned against the kitchen wall and watched the back of his figure. He asked, “Are you going to work tomorrow?”

“That depends on whether you turn into a cat or not.”

As the words left his mouth, Wen MingYi felt a slight headache. He didn’t understand why he would turn into a cat. Was it a side effect of being reborn? And why was it such a side effect? 

This story was translated for free by m a n d a r i n d u c k t a l e s. d r e a m h o s t e r s . c o m

He kicked the wall with his heel in frustration, hoping that what had transpired yesterday was a fluke. From today onwards, he would be a normal human.

What they never expected was, after the both of them were done with their meal, they sat together in the living room to watch a movie, wondering if Wen MingYi would turn into a cat tonight.

The 9 o’clock chime rang. Si JunDuo turned to look at Wen MingYi beside him. He didn’t turn into a cat. But that’s because he had turned into a dog! A large grey and white furred husky!

The author has something to say:

MingMing: Woof woof woof??? Why did I turn into a dog now!
Gege: I now have a cat and a dog, I’m a winner in life!

Hahahahahahaha, surprised, astonished, happy?

Quack Notes

That’s it for my translated preview of this fluffy story! Honestly the entire reason I started translating this preview (and this site) was so that I could add it to my NovelUpdates completed list. I hope someone picks this up!

I just started my read on the related series, After I Possessed the Tmall Genie of the School Adonis. The couple will be Wen MingYi’s friends, and it’ll be set in the past when they were still in school. I’m excited to finish it! Translated previews will come soon.

[Edit] I just found out that this has been picked up!!! Continuation chapters are on Novel Updates. I’m so glad for this!

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