Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog Chapter 003

[Chapter 003] Wen MingYi: I’m coming! Black-hearted lotus!

Si JunDuo looked at the round face of the little ginger cat in front of him. Wen MingYi twitched his white whiskers and stared back with amber eyes.

One human and one cat, both staring at each other wordlessly.

Silence, and yet more silence. Silence was no longer the music of tonight’s Cambridge, but Wen MingYi who had turned into a cat.

Finally, it was the more adaptable Wen MingYi who gave in. He tilted his kitty head and asked his ge, “What now?” 

Si JunDuo saw him tilt his head and meow, and felt that it was a little cute. He reached his hand out to stroke his head.

Wen MingYi felt comfortable at this action. He stretched his head towards his hand and closed his eyes, and even kneaded against his palm.

Si JunDuo reacted to this by hugging him tighter in his arms, stroking his head and and back as he thought, “It’s gotten late, let’s rest. We’ll see if you change back tomorrow. If you don’t change back by three days at the latest, we’ll have to go get you examined.”

Wen MingYi heard ‘examined’ and became agitated, “Examined?”

Si JunDuo couldn’t understand his meows, but could guess what he was trying to say. He explained, “There’s no helping it, you can’t possibly be a cat forever. Don’t worry, I won’t let you be in danger.”

Wen MingYi was assured by him. After all, he had grown up with Si JunDuo. After he graduated elementary school, his parents trusted the Si family and Si JunDuo to take care of him, shoving him into Si JunDuo’s arms and saying, “MingMing has to listen to gege alright?” And then they proceeded to pack their suitcases and confidently left for their careers.

The thought of his unreliable parents piqued Wen MingYi’s anger. After his fatal accident in the novel, his parents seemed to have lost their rationality. At Jiang ZiMo’s tearful kneeling, they accepted Jiang ZiMo and Wen Bo’s nonsensical logic of how a dead person couldn’t be revived, Xiao Mo did not do it on purpose, and so he would offer himself in his stead as their child. They had actually taken in Jiang ZiMo as their god son.

Wen MingYi almost puked a mouthful of blood at his parents’ faces. Your son’s coffin isn’t going to keep him in, he’s going to be so angry he’ll rise from the dead!

It was only Si JunDuo who didn’t accept Jiang ZiMo’s apologies and repentance, adamant at sending him to jail. Wen MingYi let out a sigh, a soft meow, and rubbed against Si JunDuo’s body. He and Si JunDuo had been together for so many years even though they weren’t blood-related. He had stubbornly thrown tantrums and even fought a cold war with Si JunDuo in his chuunibyou phase. Still, from the beginning to the end, it was always only Si JunDuo who put him first and never required anything in return. So this time, he could never allow Si JunDuo to fall to his doom.

Si JunDuo bent his head down to look at him rub against him. The little cat was soft and fluffy, like freshly made cotton candy; soft and warm. Wen MingYi lay in his arms, presenting his snow-white underbelly, a look of obedience.

Si JunDuo pulled his tail, and saw that the small ginger cat rolled around in his arms while lifting his head to let him stroke his chin. Si JunDuo subconsciously smiled, his eyes reflecting a tenderness that spread like sea waves.

He had never kept cats as pets before. When he did come across one on the road, he wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to it. Once, he worked with a female CEO who never stopped spamming her friends list with her cat, so he ruthlessly muted her. He had always thought that he’d never be someone who would feel anything for such small animals. Their cuteness belonged to them, and was unrelated to him. He didn’t like them, and didn’t feel compelled to like them.

However, as he looked at the small ginger cat in his arms who was squinting in satisfaction and purring softly, Si JunDuo felt for the first time that cats – these small creatures – were quite adorable. He pinched the little cat’s soft paws, the paw pads pink and tender.

Wen MingYi saw that he was playing with his paws and carefully retracted his claws, so as to ensure that he didn’t accidentally hurt Si JunDuo.

Si JunDuo petted him, and then stood up with the cat in his arms.

“Let’s sleep, you’ll sleep here with me tonight. Let’s see if you turn back tomorrow. If not, we’ll have to figure something out.”

Wen MingYi meowed in agreement.

Si JunDuo set him on the bed and said, “I’ll take a shower, you go ahead to sleep first.”

There was no way that Wen MingYi could sleep, so he followed him into the bathroom. Si JunDuo wondered if he also wanted to take a shower, but saw that the little ginger cat jumped up the sink to peer at his reflection in the mirror.

Wen MingYi looked at himself in the mirror. So he’s a ginger cat, and a small one at that. He turned 360 degrees in a circle and even paid attention to his butt and tail. Si JunDuo saw how he observed himself in the mirror, his little butt turning this way and that, and laughed softly to himself.

After Wen MingYi was done looking at himself, he thought that even though he wasn’t cool and handsome, he was still considerably cute. So he accepted the fact that he had turned into a cat. He jumped off the sink onto the floor and walked out of the bathroom.

Si JunDuo closed the door and started to shower.

Wen MingYi lay on the bed, bored and unable to sleep. He stuck out his tongue to lick his paws as he pondered over what to do, when suddenly a ginger cat flipped itself into an upright position. Fuck!!! What did I just do? Wen MingYi looked at his snow white front paws. I actually licked my paws!!

Wen MingYi’s kitty eyes were filled with fright and doubts about life. He had only just turned into a cat not too long ago, so why was he already starting to lick his paws? He’d never even licked his hands when he was a human. At this rate, wouldn’t he swiftly become an actual cat?!

Wen MingYi felt dejected. He controlled his desire to lick his fur and sat upright and stiffly on the bed, almost as if he was a soldier standing at attention.

Si JunDuo emerged from the bathroom to see the little ginger cat sitting like a statue on the bed. If not for the fact that the window facing him showed that there wasn’t a moon tonight, he thought that his cat didi would already be howling at it.

He went over to rub the cat’s head. Wen MingYi felt his caresses and immediately relaxed, collapsing into his arms.

Si JunDuo lifted the bed quilt to get into bed, and placed him on the other pillow.

“Sleep, good night.”

Wen MingYi meowed in reply and closed his eyes.

The next morning, Si JunDuo awoke, sluggishly looked to his side and got shocked at the sight of a ginger cat on the pillow next to him. Quickly, he recalled what transpired the previous night.

It was really strange, Si JunDuo thought, why would he suddenly turn into a cat? He furrowed his brow in thought as he looked at his watch. It was already 8.50am. He would usually already be in his at this time. But because of what happened to Wen MingYi last night, Si JunDuo was unable to leave the cat alone, so he notified his secretary last night before he turned in, to say that he was taking a day off today.

He looked at the ginger cat that was still deep in slumber, and couldn’t resist poking it. The little cat slept so deeply that it didn’t react even after it was poked. Si JunDuo had enough playing and got out of bed to wash up. When he came back, he prepared to wake Wen MingYi. But as he lifted his head, he froze.

The bed was over 2 metres wide, and on it lay a handsome black-haired young man, his face fair as porcelain, lips a cinnabar red, like two pink buds blooming in spring. Isn’t this Wen MingYi who had suddenly transformed into a cat last night!

Si JunDuo quickly walked over and shook his shoulder, and said in incredulity, “MingMing, wake up.”

Wen MingYi turned around, and rubbed his eyes as he reluctantly mumbled, “What?”

“You changed back.”

Wen MingYi “Mmm”-ed  and nodded, “I changed back.”

Si JunDuo knew from looking at him that he wasn’t fully awake yet, “Look at yourself, you’ve changed back. You’re no longer the ginger cat from last night.”

Wen MinYi nodded in obedience, but after a few nods, he suddenly jolted awake, his eyes widening in astonishment as he looked at him. He immediately looked at his hands, then sat up and tore the bed quilt away to look at his familiar clothes, “I changed back!” He exclaimed, “I really changed back.”

Si JunDuo smiled as he nodded, and let out a small exhalation of relief.

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“But we still have to make a visit to the hospital. Now that you’ve turned back, we’ll go to the hospital to examine your body. We might not be able to understand this with science, but it’s better to check your body nonetheless.”

Wen MingYi didn’t want to visit the hospital. He had never liked getting shots or taking medicine when he was young, and this remained true as he grew older. Even now, he didn’t like hospitals, and would opt not to go if it wasn’t necessary. But since Si JunDuo had made his decision, he wasn’t to reject it. And so Wen MingYi could only reluctantly get dragged out of bed by Si JunDuo to wash his face and brush his teeth in the bathroom.

The two of them had breakfast at home, and then Si JunDuo started the car and took him to the hospital.

Wen MingYi wasn’t happy as they made their way there. As someone who watched him grow up, Si JunDuo knew that he didn’t like hospitals, and coaxed, “There won’t be injections and you don’t have to take medication. We’ll just be going there to do a check-up for assurance. Otherwise, are you fine with the way things are?”

Wen MingYi wasn’t fine, but even though he understood this rationally, he just didn’t like visiting hospitals.

“It’s fine,” Wen MingYi said downheartedly, “It’s just my psychological barrier, it’s nothing. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Upon hearing that, Si JunDuo glanced at him. He thought that his temper had gotten better ever since he came back, to the point where he even understood to tell him not to worry. He reached out to rub Wen MingYi’s head, who turned to look at him. Si JunDuo smiled at him, “How old are you already, you’re still afraid of hospitals.”

“It’s not afraid, it’s hate. Who is afraid!” Wen MingYi retorted in exasperation.

Si JunDuo looked at him, his eyes showing his amusement, and didn’t expose him.

At the red light, Si JunDuo’s phone rang. He picked it up, listened to it for a while, and calmly replied, “Tell him to come back in a few days. I’m not going into the office today.”

Wen MingYi turned to look at him, to see a trace of a grimace in his ge’s mouth, “Then let him wait. I’m busy today, I won’t be going.”

Having said that, he hung up.

Wen MingYi asked, “Something cropped up at the company?”

“No longer.”

“Why don’t you visit the office then,” Wen MingYi didnt want to disrupt his work, and if Si JunDuo had to go into the office, they could even delay their trip to the hospital. With that in mind, he enthusiastically said, “Anyway it won’t take up much time, we could head to the hospital a bit later.”

Si JunDuo definitely knew what he was trying to do. He smiled and asked, “Do you really hate going to the hospital?”

“I just don’t want to interrupt your work,” Wen MingYi said righteously.

“Since there’s no issue, we’ll visit the hospital first.”

Wen MingYi: ……

“Fine, I’ll admit that I don’t want to go to the hospital,” Wen MingYi said in exasperation, “Are you happy now.”

At this, Si JunDuo smiled at him and shook his head. He turned the steering wheel and headed in another direction.

Wen MingYi saw that they had changed direction and happily understood that he had agreed to go to the office, postponing the trip to the hospital for now. The next moment, he realised that, if he remembered correctly, Jiang ZiMo should be at Si JunDuo’s company as an intern during this period. Wouldn’t that mean there was a possibility of him meeting Jiang ZiMo?

Wen MingYi immediately sat up straight and asked Si JunDuo, “Am I handsome?”

“Handsome,” Si JunDuo replied without having to look at him.

This story was translated for free by m a n d a r i n d u c k t a l e s. d r e a m h o s t e r s . c o m

“Then between me and Jiang ZiMo, who’s more handsome?”

Si JunDuo laughed, thinking that he really seemed concerned with Jiang ZiMo. “You,” he replied.

Satisfied with his answer, Wen MingYi adjusted his clothes and crossed his arms as he leaned against his seat. He pondered over how he was going to face the black-hearted lotus who had caused his death.

The author has something to say:

☆ Neighbour gege, neighbour didi. He calls him ge because of the age difference.

Those who’ve read the Tmall Genie novel might wonder, after MingMing died, why didn’t FeiFei seek justice for him as his friend? This will be explained later in the story, mua~~

MingMing: I’m coming! Black-hearted lotus!

[Mini Theatre]
Gege: What’s so cute about cats, huh
MingMing: Meow~
Gege: Cute!
MingMing: Heehee (#^.^#)

Quack Notes

I’ll be translating this story up till chapter 5! Hopefully someone else takes this story over, I had a great time reading it, it’s just so unbearably fluffy, like all the author’s stories, but this time literally!

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