Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog Chapter 002

[Chapter 002] Wen MingYi: I’ve turned into a cat!

Si JunDuo knew that this didi, whom he had grown up together with, never liked Jiang ZiMo, even though he didn’t know the reason behind it. From his perspective, Jiang ZiMo hadn’t done nor said anything wrong to him, and instead had been very warm towards him. 

So he patted Wen Mingyi’s hand and suggested, “Since you have a bias against him, how about interacting with him more often? Perhaps you might even change your mind about him.”

Wen MingYi widened his eyes in disbelief. I have a bias against him?? And you want me to spend more time with him to change how I view and treat him?? Wen MingYi felt that his ge was overthinking things while holding the script for a villainous side character. The villainous side character and the main character aren’t able to coexist okay?!

Unless these two characters were able to turn a blind eye towards each other, and Si JunDuo able to pack up his belongings to leave Jiang ZiMo, he would inevitably have to follow the plot where only one person remained standing.

Wen MingYi felt tired. He was just reborn and had to save himself. Now he also had to save his gege who was otherwise fine, save for the fact that he was blind. He looked at his ge whose eyesight was good enough that he didn’t need to wear glasses. How could he have gone so blind?!

In this world, some people lived, but he died. Some people had their eyes open, but he was blind. Si JunDuo was such a person!

“Look. Ge, you just came back from work, and coincidentally I’m also home. Don’t you want to rekindle our brotherly relationship?”

“Another time.”

“Why not? The best day is today, today seems good enough.”  

“MingMing, I hope I don’t have to teach you that people ought to do as they promised,” Si JunDuo said as he strode forward.

Wen MingYi hurriedly chased after him, racking his brain to say: “Then I’ll join you. Didn’t you say that I was biased against him and that I should spend more time with him? I’ll go with you and take the opportunity to change my mind about him.”

Si JunDuo squinted, “Do you think I believe that?”

“You could try believing it.”

“Then it doesn’t have to be this time. Look at you now, you don’t look like you intend to change your mind, more like you intend to kick up a fuss.”

“Am I this kind of person?” Wen MingYi said hurtfully, “Ge, is that how you view me?”

“Aren’t you?” Si JunDuo replied. He glanced at Wen MingYi and said, “You really are though.”

“I swear, I’ll behave myself and not say a single word.” Wen MingYi swore against the heavens.

Si JunDuo entered his room and turned back to look at Wen MingYi. He smiled. And then – bang – closed the door.

Wen MingYi reached out to press the door handle but found that the door was locked. He angrily hit the door and shouted, “Why did you close the door, you’re just changing your clothes, it’s not as if I haven’t seen your body before. Have you forgotten that we used to bathe together when we were kids!”

Si JunDuo let out a small laugh and unbuttoned his shirt. He couldn’t help but remember the times when he helped to bathe Wen Mingyi. Back then, Wen MingYi was as well-behaved as an angel. He had just read The Little Mermaid, and so he posed his legs and told him, “I don’t have a tail”. Whereas now, he was as mischievous as a firework, able to soar to the skies with simply a spark.

Si JunDuo shook his head and opened his wardrobe, intending to pick out a casual shirt to wear for tonight’s movie.

Wen MingYi leaned against the door, his arms crossed. He kicked against the door with his heel as he pondered over how to save his ge who was intent on playing at the edge of a fire pit.

He agonised over it for so long that he nearly fell backwards when Si JunDuo opened the door, and yet he was unable to think of any ideas.

Si JunDuo had already changed his clothes and saw the plaintive look pointed at him, and said helplessly, “Let’s go downstairs, I’ll accompany you to eat.”

“Are you just going to accompany me for dinner? I’d also like to watch a movie.” Wen MingYi took the chance to push for his objective to join them.

“The movie tickets were won by ZiMo. There are only two tickets, so there’s no helping it.”  

“I can buy my own ticket,” Wen MingYi thought that this wasn’t a problem. “I can even book the entire theatre so that it’ll just be the three of us to enjoy the movie.”

However no matter what he said, Si JunDuo didn’t relent. Wen MingYi was just about driven to exasperation. My dumb oniisan! Why is it so difficult to save you from this fire pit! Have you been poisoned by Jiang ZiMo?! Wen MingYi despaired. He angrily sat at the dining table and ate while glaring at him.

Si JunDuo said that he would accompany him to eat, but it was to symbolically take a few bites. He looked at his watch, saw that it was almost 9 o’clock, and got ready to leave the house.

Wen MingYi quickly put his bowl down, “I have a headache.”

As he said that, he made a show of massaging his temple.

Si JunDuo observed his exaggerated actions and calmly said, “Call the family doctor.”

Wen MingYi held onto his arm and acted like he was in need of sympathy, “I need my family to accompany me.”

Si JunDuo determinedly pulled his arm back towards himself, “Then call your dad or your mum.”

“What I need is your care and compassion!”

“Rest well, drink more water. Gege will be back soon.”

Wen MingYi: …… 

Wen MingYi plastered himself onto him, “In any case, you have to take me along, or you have to stay here. Choose.”

“Si JunDuo thought that Wen MingYi wasn’t 18 years old, more like he was 8 years old. He patted Wen MingYi’s shoulder, “Behave, let go.”

Wen MingYi didn’t let go, so Si JunDuo had to pull both his arms away from himself. He said, “Relax, I’ll come home after the movie.”

How could Wen MingYi relax? He saw as Si JunDuo turned to head towards the entrance and chased after him, but he soon felt something amiss with his body. He didn’t have the time to react before he saw the flooring right in front of him. He lifted his head to look at Si JunDuo who was not far away, and was so shocked that he almost took two steps backwards. What the hell is this giant! How did his ge suddenly get so huge!

Wen MingYi looked at the giant nearby in confusion. How did his ge turn into a giant in a blink of an eye? He quickly took in his surroundings. What the fuck. A gigantic sofa, a gigantic coffee table, a gigantic television, an extra long spiral staircase. Wen MingYi trepidatiously looked at himself and saw two cute-looking furry white kitty paws.

Wen MingYi: !!!

“What the fuck happened!” Wen MingYi exclaimed, only to hear, “Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!”

Wen MingYi: ??? Meow meow meow?

Si JunDuo was about to bend down to wear his shoes when he suddenly heard meowing. Strange, he didn’t keep pet cats so why was there meowing, he thought. Yet it seemed as if the meowing had become even clearer.

Si JunDuo turned back to find a cat with orange and white striped fur running towards him while meowing.

Where did this cat come from? Si JunDuo didn’t understand.

Wen MingYi bounded up to him, looked at himself in horror and back at Si JunDuo, “How did I turn into a cat?! I don’t want to become a cat, ge!”

However all Si JunDuo could hear was, “Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.”

Si JunDuo: …… 

Wen Mingyi: …… 

Wen MingYi felt like he was going to cry. He was doing fine as a human, why did he turn into a cat! Cats are cute and all, but he’d still prefer being human! Wen MingYi anxiously and fearfully bit at Si JunDuo’s pants leg. No leaving! I’ve already become this way and you’re still intending to meet some little white lotus? Look at me!

Si JunDuo looked at the ginger cat before him and then at the empty living room. Somehow, Wen MingYi had disappeared. He was right there behind him just now, why would he suddenly disappear? Did he go upstairs? But he hadn’t heard the sound of footsteps climbing up the stairs.

“MingMing,” he called out.

The ginger cat at his feet immediately responded with a “meow”. Si JunDuo looked down to see that because it had opened its mouth to meow, it had let go of his pants leg. It immediately bent its head to bite at his pants leg again, its whiskers trembling. After that, it raised its fluffy face to stare at him with round amber eyes.

Si JunDuo observed the ginger cat at his feet. It wasn’t large, about half the size of an arm. Its orange and white fur looked soft and fluffy, and its pointy ears were a contrast to its round face. Its white whiskers trembled due how the cat was biting down hard on his pants leg. It looked quite cute.

He was very sure that he had never seen this ginger cat before. But now, it had turned up in his house biting at his pants leg. Meanwhile, Wen MingYi who was supposed to be standing behind him was nowhere to be seen. Si JunDuo had a mild headache. As an atheist and a staunch materialist, he now found that his general knowledge was under attack.

He bent his waist to grab the little cat at his feet. Wen MingYi saw that the distance between him and the floor got larger, and eventually found himself in his ge’s arms. He was initially a little startled, but soon naturally found a comfortable spot to lay in Si JunDuo’s arms. Mmm, might as well make himself at home now that things had transpired as such, he comforted himself.

Si JunDuo looked at the cat in his arms and tentatively probed, “MingMing”. Wen MingYi “Meow meow”-ed in response. Si JunDuo disbelievingly checked every room on the first floor, and then did the same for the second floor.

Wen MingYi reminded him, “Don’t search anymore ge, I’m right here. If you really managed to find another me, that would be terrifying okay?”

Nonetheless, his words could only be heard by Si JunDuo as a string of “Meow meow meow”s.

Si JunDuo searched for another round to ensure that there was no trace of Wen Mingyi, then he finally looked at the cat he was carrying.


“Sigh,” the little cat meowed.

“Wen MingYi?”

“It’s me,” the little cat meowed twice.

Si JunDuo thought for a moment, and then provoked, “Jiang ZiMo.”

Wen Mingyi raised his kitty paws and – slap – harshly whacked his arms. You’re Jiang ZiMo! Your whole family is Jiang ZiMo! I’ve already turned into this, and you’re still thinking about Jiang ZiMo!

Si JunDuo noticed that he was no longer meowing and was now angrily beating him instead. He felt mentally exhausted. He sat on the sofa in his bedroom and looked at the little ginger cat which was likely to be Wen Mingyi. In a flash, he felt that the Marxist philosophy that he had spent over a decade learning now was losing its radiance.

Si JunDuo took out his handphone and rang Jiang ZiMo to say that something came up at home, and that they’d meet for a movie next time, his treat.

Jiang ziMo asked, “What happened? Is it urgent? Could you deal with it tomorrow instead?”

Si JunDuo looked at the cat which was standing upright while climbing up his clothes to listen to the conversation from his phone. He poked at the cat’s head and mused over how he had already turned into a cat, yet he was still so concerned about Jiang ZiMo.

Wen MingYi unhappily used his paws to swat at his fingers and meowed in protest. Stop poking me, let me listen, I want to hear what that little white lotus is saying.

“It’s quite urgent,” Si JunDuo said, “We’ll meet next time. My apologies.”

“No problem,” Jiang ZiMo saw that he really couldn’t get away and didn’t want to force him. After asking after him for a bit, he reluctantly hung up.

He looked at his phone and thought about it for two minutes, before calling Wen Bo, “Wen Bo, are you free? I’d like to invite you to watch a movie.”

“Why did you suddenly want to watch a movie with me,” Wen Bo asked amusedly, “You didn’t invite Si JunDuo instead?”

“Why would you say that? Si JunDuo is my friend, and you’re my friend too. Can’t I invite you?”

“Of course not,” Wen Bo worried that he might change his mind, and hurriedly said, “What time and where?”

“Bó Lán Cinema, a 9.53pm show.”

“Okay, I’ll head over right now. I’ll send you back to your dorm after.”

“Mn,” Jiang ZiMo smiled in agreement.

The author has something to say:

Wen MingYi: Meow meow meow??? How did I become a cat?!
Si JunDuo: Quite cute~

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Oh no I think I might do another chapter at least. We haven’t even gotten to the good part yet!

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