Reborn as the Villain President’s Cat & Dog Chapter 001

[Chapter 001] Wen MingYi: I’ve reincarnated!

Wēn MíngYì jolted awake. He sat up from the bed, his thoughts filled with the scene from his dream — he was lying on the ground while a bright white light shone glaringly into his eyes. He wanted to get up, but was unable to muster the energy to do so. He heard a woman scream and Jiāng ZǐMò shout his name in distress. He wanted to open his mouth to scold Jiang ZiMo for being a shameless scheming bitch, but found that he was unable to utter a sound. All he felt was an ice-cold sensation enveloping his body.

Wen MingYi sat up in fear, shuddering uncontrollably. He gasped for breath and waited for his trembling to subside. He tore the bed quilt away, intending to grab a cup of water, but as soon as his feet touched the ground, he suddenly looked as if he was in a daze, disbelievingly acknowledging the chilly floor beneath his feet.

He looked up in surprise, observing the bedroom surroundings — messy furnishing, magazine posters tacked on the walls, a guitar lying on the floor. This was his room in Sī JūnDuó’s home. He ran to the bathroom within his bedroom and looked at the familiar youthful and handsome face reflected in the mirror. It’s him, it’s really him. He’s still alive.

Wen MingYi couldn’t believe it, didn’t he die? He had drunk that day and argued with Jiang ZiMo. As they struggled, he was pushed by Jiang ZiMo onto the road. He collided with an oncoming car, and died on the spot.

It was due to his death that he realised that the world in which he lived in was actually a novel. Jiang ZiMo was the main character while he was only a side character. He initially thought that his ge Si JunDuo was the main character as well, seeing as he was the one whom Jiang ZiMo chased after, but his ge had turned out to be merely a side character too. Not only that, his ge blackened because of his death, becoming a stepping stone for Wén Bó and Jiang ZiMo to cement their relationship. In addition, Wen Bo machinated his ultimate doom of poverty, tragedy, and eventual death. That’s right, Wen Bo is the other main character of this novel.

Wen MingYi was able to view the novel three-dimensionally after his death. He remembered how devastated his ge looked while viewing his corpse, and how frighteningly cold he looked when he glared at Jiang ZiMo and said, “You pushed him.”

Jiang ZiMo sobbed and said that it wasn’t intentional.

Wen Bo shielded Jiang ZiMo and urged his ge to calm down, “Xiao Mo didn’t do it on purpose, don’t blame him.”

“MingMing is dead, and I can’t blame him?! It doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not. MingMing is dead. What’s the point of claiming it was unintentional!” Wen MingYi had never seen his ge so infuriated before. In his memories, Si JunDuo had always been composed, as if he had everything under his control, but on that day, he had completely lost his composure. He looked at Jiang ZiMo and coldly said, “You can give yourself up to the police, or I can send you to jail. You committed manslaughter. You and the driver have to bear the responsibility.”

Jiang ZiMo was frightened. He cried and shouted that it wasn’t on purpose, that he couldn’t go to jail.

Wen Bo heatedly replied, “How could you treat him this way? Wen MingYi is dead, and it was his fault. How dare you try to pin this on Xiao Mo!”

“He pushed him. If he hadn’t done it, how could this have happened to MingMing!”

“Si JunDuo, how could you be so cold-hearted? Don’t you know that Xiao Mo likes you! Don’t you like him too! Is this worth it just for the sake of an already-dead Wen MingYi? Is Xiao Mo not as important as Wen MingYi in your heart?!”

Wen MingYi looked at his ge. In that moment, his heart seized with fear. He knew that Si JunDuo had a good relationship with Jiang ZiMo, and it was this relationship that incited numerous unhappy arguments between them both. He would ridicule Si JunDuo, while Si JunDuo would chastise him. He was afraid that in Si JunDuo’s heart, Jiang ZiMo was more important, and moreover, that his feelings towards Jiang ZiMo would allow himself to die like this.

He looked at Si JunDuo in trepidation, and heard Si JunDuo say with chilling certainty, “The already-dead Wen MingYi that you’re referring to is the didi that I watched grow up since we were children. In my heart, there’s no one else who is more important. Jiang ZiMo, you’d better give yourself up. Otherwise, I will personally send you to jail.

Jiang ZiMo tearfully shook his head and pleaded, “JunDuo, you can’t do this to me.”

“You killed someone. You have to be punished by the law.”

“I won’t let you send him to jail,” Wen Bo angrily retorted, “Si JunDuo, I misjudged you. I’ll let you know that I won’t let you have your way.”

Wen Bo said his piece and left with Jiang ZiMo, leaving Si JunDuo alone in the mortuary.

Wen MingYi looked at him and was surprised to see that the ever-composed Si JunDuo was now silently shedding tears over his corpse.

He continued looking at Si JunDuo in astonishment, at the man whom he had called gege for over ten years. He wanted to move closer to hug him, but soon saw the novel’s pages flip furiously in front of him, the words entering his head. He didn’t have to watch the rest of the story to know how it progressed.

Finally, the pages stopped flipping its pages near the end of the book. Wen MingYi saw the familiar 3D settings and noticed Si JunDou.

At this point, Si JunDuo looked incredibly weak. He lived in a dilapidated public housing room and wore a $20 a piece shirt that he would never have worn in the past. The only thing unchanged was his calm demeanor. Wen Bo would never have allowed someone who was determined to send his lover to jail. He stood in front of Si JunDuo and asked, “Do you regret this?”

“Regret not killing you and Jiang ZiMo back then? Then yes I’ve regretted it.” Si JunDuo replied calmly.

“You’re still saying these words even now. You know for a fact that Xiao Mo liked you back then, yet you don’t even know how much pain you caused him. Wen MingYi only lost his life, But Xiao Mo lost his love!”

Too shameless! Wen MingYi wanted to run over to hit open Wen Bo’s dog head to see if he had pig brains in his head. How could he even spew such shameless words!

Just as he started to run over, he heard Wen Bo say, “Since you care so much about him, then why don’t you just accompany him.”

In the next moment, Wen MingYi saw Wen Bo brandish a knife and stab Si JunDuo.

“No!” Wen MingYi ran over and saw to his surprise that Wen Bo looked pale. His gaze went down, and found that there was a knife protruding from Wen Bo’s stomach as well.

Wen MingYi was stunned. He looked at Si JunDuo and heard him whisper, “I’ve written a will. I’ve already arranged with someone to call the police if I don’t meet up with him by 5pm today. Do you want to guess what I wrote in my will?”

As he finished his sentence, he put in more strength on the knife he held and viciously said, “I detest a bad business deal the most. I’ll always take back what is owed me.”

Wen MingYi saw both Si JunDuo and Wen Bo fall to the ground. He anxiously ran over to Si JunDuo, but found that he couldn’t reach him at all.

He saw the pages of the novel flip in front of him once again, and the rest of the story continued in his head. Wen Bo didn’t die. He was the main character, so he couldn’t die. Thanks to this experience of nearly losing Wen Bo in this incident, Jiang ZiMo confessed his love for him after Wen Bo regained consciousness. And so, the both of them lived happily ever after. The end.

The main characters had gotten together. As for Si JunDuo, this dangerous villain naturally had to die thoroughly, without anyone caring about his corpse.

Wen MingYi still remembered how desolate and dejected he felt at learning this. He couldn’t believe how the gege whom he so adored could drop to such a low point. He couldn’t stand for it; on what grounds?! What did he and his ge do wrong, why did they both have to die in this story! He held onto this grudge as he lost consciousness. He didn’t expect that he would find himself back in this reality after he awoke.

Wen MingYi hurried to his bedside and looked for his phone. He switched the phone screen on to see that the date was 15 September 2018. He couldn’t help but laugh, the heavens were kind to him – he hadn’t simply gotten reborn, he had also gone back to the point before he and his ge had created a rift between themselves. This was great! This time, he wouldn’t let him and his ge follow their doomed deaths. He also absolutely had to show his ge the scheming face behind Jiang ZiMo’s white lotus facade, and to stay away from this scum!

Wen MingYi noticed that the clock on his phone indicated that it was 20:00. His ge should have come home by this time and was probably having dinner. He turned around and ran out of the room. Just as he reached the top of the stairs, he bumped right into Si JunDuo who was about to enter his room after coming home.

Si JunDuo was about to push him away when Wen MingYi immediately hugged him. Wen MingYi thought of the final tragic scenes that he had just witnessed, his nose scrunched up as he nearly cried.

Ge,” he whined softly in the embrace, “ge.”

Si JunDuo heard the word “ge”, and looked down at the person in his bosom. He remembered that just yesterday when he met Wen MingYi, Wen MingYi had been like a firecracker, exploding at every opportunity. He had gotten irritated at his outbursts and admonished him. But the more he chastised, the more Wen MingYi exploded. In the end Wen MingYi expressed that he didn’t want to stay here anymore, he was going to move out.

When Si JunDuo heard this, he recalled the period when Wen MingYi entered a rebellious phase in high school. At that time, he seemed to have suddenly gotten the chuunibyou syndrome; constantly defied him, stopped calling him ge, ignored him when they met or talked back snidely when he wasn’t ignored. He even chose to rent a room near his school rather than stay with him at home.

He was upset, and uttered the word, “scram”. 

Wen MingYi shouted, “Scram? I’ll scram,” and slammed the door on the way out. Who knew that when they met today, he’d know how to act coy like everything was fine.

“Didn’t you say that you would scram?” he pointedly asked.

Wen MingYi froze for a while, but quickly regained his senses. He had probably gotten into another fight with Si JunDuo recently. “It’s not like I’m a rubber ball, I’m not going to scram,” he retorted.

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“Still going to slam doors?” Si JunDuo asked.

Wen MingYi shook his head while hugging him, “No more slamming.”

“You know you were in the wrong?”

“I know.”

Si JunDuo was satisfied with his attitude in admitting his wrongdoings. He pinched his face and said, “Alright, go downstairs for dinner. Aunty Zhāng made your favourite dishes.”

Wen MingYi nodded and ended the hug. He pulled his arm and replied, “Let’s go down together.”

Si JunDuo calmly removed his arm from his grip and said, “I’m not going down, you eat on your own.”


“I already ate at the office. I’m just here to change my clothes before meeting Jiang ZiMo for a movie later.”

Wen MingYi widened his eyes, “What did you say?!!!”

Why was his ge going to watch a movie with the scheming white lotus Jiang ZiMo!! While he’s supposed to go downstairs to eat dinner?! How was he going to have the mood to eat dinner!

“Don’t go,” Wen MingYi blurted out, “ge you can’t go!”

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Publishing a new story! This story really has been urged daily, Not sure if anyone will be able to see it after it’s published (covers face). Similar to my previous stories, this story is sweet sweet sweet, go ahead and jump into it! Updates will happen starting from tomorrow 6am, muah (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭

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+ I’ll do a preview of this next! The main characters of this story are Wen MingYi’s friends.

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